Domenech Vidal, Long time ago, D.O. Penedes

16/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Penedes – Vilobi del Penedes – Domenech Vidal – Masia Freye, Parellada/Muscat 2012

Long Time Ago……

A.D 1865 – A.D. 2014 = 149 Years of wine making. To keep something like that up takes more than passion. Call it perseverance and love for the land or just inheritance. The roots go deep but the traditions go way deeper! Imagine your forefathers starting a business and today you are the one clearing the path for the generations to come. New cellars and wine makers emerge all the time but the old remain, change and evolve to the modern ways, still having the history to rely on.


In the year 1865 the US Civil War was ended, Lincoln was assassinated, Rudyard Kipling was born and more importantly Francisco Jose Domenech started the business of wine making. Only 22 years later the phylloxera devastated the entire Penedès vineyards.


The cellar of José Domènech Soler (1864-1958) one of the pioneers in replanting uncontaminated vineyards. The winery gained enormous prestige in the region that ended with the recognition of King Alfonso XIII after visiting the winery in 1904.


After retrieving the vineyards in the area during 1905, José Domènech Torné (1896-1957), acquires all vineyards of the Masia called “La Sala”. “La Sala” was occupied during the Spanish Civil War being partially destroyed by the end of it. After retrieving the Masia, José Domènech Torné produced the first bottles of Vallformosa Cava.


The Domènech/Vidal family acquires new vineyards to meet market demands. One of these estates is Masia Freyé, a place of retreat and source of inspiration for the Domènech/Vidal family.

 Masia Freye, Parellada/Muscat 2012

Pale yellow with green hues. Intense and fruity aroma with citrus (grapefruit) and exotic backgrounds (lychee and passion fruit) combined with subtle floral notes of orange blossom. The blend of Muscat with the finesse of the Parellada offer a range of high intensity taste of white fruits. Soft while fresh palate. Balanced with an elegant, lingering finish. Very good coupage of Parellada/Muscat. An authenticity which should appeal to wine lovers.

Now, go to your local fish monger, get some clams, saute in olive oil with garlic, red pepper flakes and white wine. Finish of with chopped parsley! Together with this wine makes a nice afternoon snack!

351 to go!


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