Heretat Oller del Mas, Let’s stay together, D.O. Pla de Bages

18/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Pla de Bages – Manresa – Heretat Oller del Mas – Bernat Oller 2009

Let’s stay together……,

Better together, always, but especially when sharing a bottle of wine! With or without food or a bite to eat, depends on the wine, time of day and mood. The wanting and enjoyment of wine is constantly present. Mostly because of the taste and the combinations once the perfect match has been made. The transformation of the wine can be so very unexpected, in most cases for the better!


Another part of wine enjoyment is the history and feeling from within, knowing what it takes to make a great wine. Next time you open a bottle of wine, try to understand where it comes from, who made it and other specifics. I bet you’ll enjoy every drop even more! Happy wine days.


The Catalan wine tour has taken us to Pla de Bages once before, we visited Abadal. We are back but this time for something totally different, the medieval castle of Oller del Mas. In the town of Manresa, in the Montserrat mountains a farm extends over 400 hectares covered by forest and vineyards, known as Mas Oller.


Painting of Oller del Mas by ERNEST DESCALS

Construction of the castle started during the 10th century and like many castles, expanded with new units during the centuries to come. It has over the recent years been restored entirely.


Today, The Margenat family is the heiress and curator of the captivating story of Oller. They have with pride and enthusiasm opened the doors to the public, where the millennial history harmoniously coexist with modernity.


Knights, aristocrats, notables, clergymen, master craftsmen. The leading role is that of Oller del Mas, but the men and women who fought in conquests and re-conquests and, true to their ideals, left their mark on the historical memory of Catalunya, are the heros.


On the walls of the castle of Mas Oller pieces of a single story: that of Joan, Bernat, Arnau, Jeroni, Jaume, Bonifaci, which are some of the Ollers immortalized in invaluable portraits, painted during the Middle Ages and even today they are part of the family heritage.


With all this in mind it is easy to imagine that the wines breathe history, authentic Château wines. Oller del Mas makes new colors, flavors and fragrances available to the five senses with the launch of their wine project.  Presenting wines that are a tribute and a reflection of what historical figures projected.

3660arnau oller front

All wines produced by Mas Oller are made ​​from the best grapes of the estate, with really very limited production and all of them expressing terroir, a climatology, an identity …


Bernat Oller 2009, 90% Merlot and 10% Picapoll Negre

The wines from this winery enjoy unmatched elegance in the county and Bernat Oller is a good example of it. Bernat Oller is a traditionally made wine, pure Bordeaux style with 90% merlot, a variety well adapted and understood in the area. The Bernat Oller 2009 has been aged for 12 months in barrels (50%) New French oak. Further aging in bottle for 24 months.


Nose is that of BBQ, caramelized onion, chocolate liqueur and chocolate whiskey, a big nose in 3D.
The feel in the mouth is delicious, clear textures and pure fruit juice effect, a relaxed mouth with sweet and well balanced tannins.
Color is Cherry red with light legs. Nose is clean, complex with red fruit, a hint of spice. Vanilla and coffee. Very fresh in the mouth with good acidity and well integrated tannins.

349 to go!

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