Abadia de Poblet, What’s The Buzz in D.O. Conca de Barbera

21/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Conca de Barbera – Poblet – Abadia de Poblet – Abadia de Poblet 2009

What’s The Buzz……….

Poblet is a set of geological and climatic conditions that make it a extraordinary “Terroir” for viticulture. Deep and stony soils, with a predominance of shale, plus an abnormally cool weather in the regional context, due to the height -over 500 meters- , and the orientation of its slopes, as well as the influence of the summer breeze marina. These circumstances were particularly favorable for Pinot Noir, ensure slow ripening and good condition of the grapes.


The Bodega Abadía de Poblet Monastery was born from the desire to recover the tradition of wine in his monastery, an ancient tradition, characteristic of the Cistercian Order, which started in Burgundy and linked with a single variety of grapes: Pinot Noir, a delicate and difficult variety, giving soft and elegant wines, unique in its finesse and away, for their style, from any other known red wine. On the other hand, this variety is unusual in Spain.


The Royal Abbey of Santa Maria de Poblet forms part, together with the Santes Creus and Vallbona de les Monges, of the Cistercian monasteries that were established in Catalonia in the second half of the twelfth century. These buildings were constructed in order to repopulate the lands conquered by the Crown of Aragon to Muslims.

Crown of Aragon

Crown of Aragon

The monastery was founded in 1151 by Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona, who donated the lands to the Cistercian order and was occupied by monks from the French abbey of Fontfroide.
Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona

Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona

The refectory of converts, built in the full splendour of the thirteenth, was transformed into a winery in the times of Abbot Guimerà (sixteenth century) and housed the wealth of knowledge of the French deep Burgundy region.


This is a winery that celebrates the bare stone, symbol of purity and simplicity, which gives the grandeur and simplicity typical of Cistercian monasteries.


In the fourteenth century, the Abbey of Poblet reached its maximum splendour as well as its decline and maximum abandonment in 1835 because of the disentailment of Mendizábal.


The abbey rose anew after the occupation of the monastery in 1940 by some monks, who still inhabit its walls to this date.
In 1991, it was declared a World Heritage Site, granting it the importance and prestige an abbey that houses so much history within its walls deserves.


Abadia de Poblet 2009, 100% Pinot Noir

This wine goes through a fermentation and ageing in 225 l French oak barrels of for 12 months. Before being released to the market, it rests for at least 6 months in the bottle. Limited production with numbered bottles. It is recommended to decant this wine for 30 minutes before serving it since it is a wine with a closed expression.

Intense and very bright cherry red colour with violet reflections. Clean wine with a high robe and elegant tears that stain the glass slightly. Deep, intense and complex aromas with a strong varietal expression. Primary nose gives off fleshy notes of ripe red fruit are noticed along with a refreshing citrus hint and a preview of its wide range of spices. When it opens up, the aromas become more intense and expressive. A great and serious minerality also appears along with some toasted notes and some hints of Mediterranean herbs. The whole aromatic set is wrapped in floral aromas of violets.

A wine from Conca de Barbera that will surprise us with one of the best and most elegant expressions of the variety Pinot Noir. It has an embracing attack which gives way to a long, very tasty and fleshy mid palate, with the same serious and balanced aromas found in the nose, with fruit wrapped in a good creaminess and flowers and a large mineral background. Soft, velvety wine with an excellent acidity and an outstanding freshness. Well integrated tannins. Long and intense finish with a great persistence. An enjoyable wine that will leave good final aromas. Perfect for the lovers of this French variety.


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