Cava Berdie, It’s a good day, D.O. Cava/D.O. Penedes

23/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Penedes/D.O Cava – Les Conilleres – Cava Berdie/Germans Jovani – Cava Amor

It’s a good day….

The 22nd of January is the day of St. Vincent, the patron saint of vine and wine. It is, as far I know, being celebrated in Sweden by wine lovers, wine clubs and wine drinkers. While I write todays entry I decided to crack open a bottle of Mas Martinet Cami Pesseroles 2007. Jummy!


As the visit to Mas Martinet hasn’t happened yet, I’ll have to wait to give you all the ins and out!


Going to keep this one short, but promise to review, in full, the little winery of Cava Berdie and Germans Jovani! In stead I’m sharing todays emotions through pictures and a short tasting report of their Cava Amor! Enjoy!




Cava Berdié Amor (Extra Brut), Macabeu, Xarel·lo, Parellada and Garnacha


The name, Amor, has a double meaning. It is certaily a celebration of Love (Amor) and the fathers name (of the three siblings) is Mor, so to Mor, in Spanish is A Mor! Get it? Love for the father and it is certainly a Cava that is lovely!


In the making of Berdié Amor, traditional varieties —Macabeu, Xarel·lo and Parellada—are used, along with Grenache (for the color). Each one of these grapes is separately vinified at controlled temperatures before carrying out the coupage—the blending of the right proportion of each of the varieties—in order to achieve the personal touch of this Cava.


The second fermentation in the bottle provides the bubbles (prise de mousse) and is carried out according to the traditional method. It is then aged for more than 15 months in the cellar.



Elegant, pale, subtle pink color. Intense aromas, white fruits stand out (apple and pear), base of red fruits (raspberry, strawberry), and some citric notes (mandarin, orange). Some yeasty notes provide creaminess, while hibiscus and slight hints pepper give character, personality and subtlety. In the mouth the first impression is that, this might be a French thing going on! Broad, elegant and original, with a pleasant acidity, leaving creamy sensations with notes of red fruits and marshmallow

346 to go!

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