Vinicola del Nordest, A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine in D.O. Emporda

36/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Emporda – Mollet de Peralada – Vinicola del Nordest– Covest Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine…….

….. bring me wine, make the music mine! Yesterday evening, Barcelona was calling, as the monthly wine tasting with Munskankarna was taking place! Blind tasting of four reds. As  usual we met up at Restaurant Pappa Sven in Barcelona! If you ever feel like Swedish grub, this is the place!


We were 18 happy wine drinking souls, informed only about the country in question. Spain. Then we were hard at it trying to find grape, appellation and vintage.


Great excercize and most of us happily agrred that it had to be Tempranillo. Not that hard really, as it is the number 1 grape in Spain and quite distinct in taste. My first impression was that we were in Ribera del Duero or Rueda, turned out to be D.O. Toro, and there the Tempranillo is known as Tinto del Toro. Didn’t guess the vintages but came close with three wines, only missed by one or two years.


The fourth wine i misjudged totally and the discrepancy was 5 years! Not an easy exercise this! One wine stuck out and my records shouted out Pintia and it turned out to be right. Exclusion, guesswork and luck yes, but an educated guess!


On the Pintia I thought it to be a 2007, turned out to be 2009! Quite happy with my results, considering that I am no expert and that I mostly drink Catalan Wine 365 days a year! Here comes another wine from Catalonia!


Vinicola del Nordest Is a winery which ages and bottles wines under the D.O. Empordà. It is located in the village of Mollet de Peralada, located in the foothills of the Les Alberes, where there are around 300 hectares of vineyard.


The wines are made in the cooperative just across the road under proper analytical and temperature control. From there, the best wines are selected to produce a range which goes from the “nouveau” style of a Vi Novell through a ranges of whites, rosés and varietals wines to the reds.


One of the winery’s specialities is the production of naturally sweet wines, the Moscatel, Mistela Negra and Garnatxa typical of the region.


The village of Mollet de Peralada is also registered in the D.O. Cava and the sparkling wines have been made here since the winery’s inception. There is also a small shop at the winery where other natural produce of the region may be purchased, as well as having the opportunity to taste the wines.


Covest, 90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Garnacha Negra, 2009

Clear and bright, deep ruby ​​color with violet notes on the rim. Intense aromas of black berries, slight cedar, green peppers, fruity. Palate is well structured with soft, round tannins. Black-currant, licorice, blueberries. Round and long to medium long finish. An easy going red from Emporda, well made and considering the price a really good buy!

338 to go!

Catalan Wine 365 and the SweetEasy Lifestyle

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