Mas de la Cacadora, Side by Side in D.O. Montsant

42/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Montsant – Els Guiamets – Mas de la Cacadora – Panses Dolc

Side by Side…..,

They ain’t got a barrel of money but they’ve got barrels of wine. Some of it, is the very best that money can buy. The raisin wine, Panses meaning raisins, is in my humble opinion one of the very best sweet wines produced in Catalonia.


The very first time I tasted this wonderful wine was during the launch of the wine guide of Catalonia, Guía de Vi de Cataluña, and it stayed in my mind for a very long time. As time goes, all I have at the end are memories and notes, good enough?


Nope! So I had to go out there and find another bottle. Not an easy task, as the production is only 500 bottles. Now, however, I do have a bottle in my cellar, and this one is waiting for wine loving father and mother in law, to come so that we can share it. That way, it will taste even better!


This is a sweet wine, made out of 100% white Garnacha grapes. They are really not grapes any more, as they have turned into raisins. Late harvest once the grapes have started turning to raisins, while still on the vine. The process continues, letting the sun dry the semi-raisins into very crumbled up, and very concentrated (full of flavor) raisins.


During the process, it is fortified by adding alcohol, to stop the fermentation, after which it spends some time in steel tanks and then the barrel aging takes place. Joan Pujades is the boss of the winery, but the keeper of this wine is his aunt, and the barrels are kept safe in her house. Two barrels are in use, a newer one (has been used for other wines made at the winery) of 225 l. and a “Solera” barrel of 100, which acts as the “heart”. Time spent in the barrels is around 12 months.


Panses Dolc, 100% Garnacha Blanca

Visually it is amber (mahogany), dense color, with lots of tears and clean and bright. A very aromatic wine, appealing to the nose with primaries of fig, plum and honey. Apricots and dried fruit appear as secondary aromas, but it is like waves coming and going. After some additional time in the glass, there are clear notes from the barrel aging. Pastry and cocoa. It is sweet and creamy. The acidity is very good as well as the balance. Quite powerful and persistent. Oh, did I by any chance mention that I really, really like this wine?

331 to go!

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