*lavinyeta, Windy in D.O. Emporda

*49/365 – *Catalonia – *D.O. Emporda – *Mollet de Peralada – *lavinyeta – *MigMig 2010


*Who is going to give me the rainbow? Don’t know, but I know that I will be getting wind, stories and labels, when in D.O. Emporda! Each morning, almost without exception, starts with a walk in the vineyards with my dogs.

Xipo oXai Walk

Today was no different and the arrival of spring, my favorite time, is showing as the almond trees are starting to blossom. The combination of vineyards, olive trees and blossoming almond trees is an inspiring picture imprinted on my retina. And I needed some inspiration for todays story.

Almond trees

Before I begin, let me ask you. Is the first impression of the bottle and the label design important to you? Is it important that the wine tells a story? Is it important that the wine is wine? Well, have a think about those questions as you continue reading!


The D.O. Emporda is a lovely region and during a day it is possible to explore the coast of the Costa Brava and the mountains while stopping for a visit at *lavinyeta.


Stories are told, wines are tasted and mouthwatering meals are served. This is not your everyday winery, as the production entails both wine, olive oil and even fresh eggs.

La Vinyeta Celler

Mountains and valleys of the Emporda enclose the winery itself, and the Tramuntana wind is constantly present. This is a young project with striking wines and huge personality.

Josep Serra

*Josep Serra, will make sure the visit is enjoyable and he is not late to offer something to eat and drink, the hospitality of *lavinyeta is extraordinary. Enthusiasm is flowing like the wind, circling and capturing you weather you want it or not.


It all started in 2002, while *Josep was hitting the enology books hard, studying to make sure he would hold all the cards him self. Two hectares of land were procured in the area of *Mollet de Perelada.


Leaning on his knowledge acquired through studying, as well as getting some help from his friend, a former wine maker, he set out to cultivate the vines, bringing them into the desired shape.

Heus Negre 2011 Front Label

In 2006 *lavinyeta winery was a fact! Let’s make some wine and let’s make it good! Together with brother *Lluis, *Josep had a vision of presenting the wines in a slightly different way. Everything here is well thought through, nothing is left to chance, and it shows in the end result.


They hit the market in 2007 with their first wines. First out was a light, fresh white and a rosé, by the name *Heus, coming from “Heus aquí una vegada…” Translating it, the meaning would be “Once upon a time”, and so starts all stories.


Continuing the storytelling and the wind keeps on blowing, “Then” as well as “New Paragraph”, *Llavors and *Punt ia part came to life. Hearty red wines with soul.


*Lluis, as the creative director (*designer) was being noticed for his different and forward thinking label designs and in 2008 the wines were gaining ground, being recognized at competitions and winning awards.


Adding to the portfolio, their special range wines were introduced. *MigMig (meaning fifty-fifty), off course relating to the 50/50 grape mix. Marselan playing an important part, not recognized by the D.O. and as such the wine is considered experimental.


“A perpendicular intersection of two ways represented by two pictures of street plates. One bottle, two faces, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Light versus dark background, ceramic plate versus metal plate, serif typeface versus sans serif…”

download (1)

The other novelty is the sweet wine, *Sols, the Amber Jewel. Elaborated with the most matured grapes, the raisins. Golden and brilliant, the *Sols emanate intensive aromas of jam and honey. A limited production and numbered that in the best of years only reaches a production of a thousand bottles.


Further craziness, they gave birth to “It’s Apple” and it has nothing to do with Macintosh! In Catalan, the name is És*Poma
, an experimental Mistela combining Garnacha from the Emporda with Apple Juice from Girona! Crazy!!!


Yupp, but I kind of like it. Is it a wine? Who cares, it is so very, very cool! Apple in the nose and Garnacha in the mouth.


Today, the stories have been told over and over, the property has grown and their wines can be found in many parts of Europe. But,by far, the best way to enjoy these wines and be part of the, short but captivating history is right here. Where the wind blows, the stories are told and the wine is more than wine!


*Mig Mig 2010, 50% *Garnacha, 50% *Marselan

Red Burgundy color with medium blue rim. Thin and fatty tears. Nose of ripe plums, blueberries and blackberries jam and fresh strawberry. Secondary offers cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa and licorice and some slight floral notes, rose. The palate is clean and honest, pleasant intensity of fruit (blackberry, black currant) sweet, tasty and harmonious with notes of coffee and cocoa. This is a full bodied and persistent wine. Its fleshy, its broad. It has charm and music. The body of the Marselan grape is showing clearly!

324 to go!

Catalan Wine 365 and the SweetEasy Lifestyle


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