Vins del Tros, La La La in D.O. Terra Alta

78/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Terra Alta – Vilalba dels Arcs – Vins del Tros – Cent x Cent 2011

Singing La La La………

…., cause today I got proof, as if I didn’t already know, that I am a bona fide wine geek! Doesn’t take that much really, try heck of a lot of wine, diversify and make sure you cover loads and (100) loads of different grape varieties. The seal is in and I’m sharing, with you, parts of the letter that came with the “diploma”! There are still so many places to visit so why would I ever want to go to Pughkeepsie?

Distinguished Member - The Wine Century Club

Distinguished Member – The Wine Century Club

And with this…., “I promise to honor the ways of Bacchus, god of wine, agriculture and madness, but to go easy on the madness so as not to end up shouting at the walls in a cheap motel outside of Poughkeepsie


Veni, Vino, Vici!!!

The Wine Century Club is for adventurous wine lovers worldwide. If you’ve tasted at least 100 different grape varieties, you’re qualified to become a member (click here for more information). If you haven’t tried 100 different grape varieties, but are interested in the concept, you’re welcome to all of the events. Please join us in promoting the awareness of uncommon wine grape varieties. There are currently 1,465 members worldwide and there are up to 5.000 grape varieties, hundreds and hundreds are used  for wine production.


Being in Terra Alta this very day, let’s check the varities used in this region. There are many authorized varieties, some traditional varieties and some of foreign origin. The whites, mainly used, would be Garnacha blanca, Parellada, Macabeo, Moscatel and Chardonnay, experimentally, Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc and Marselan are also authorized. Doing the head count for the reds, we get, Carignan, Garnacha negra, Garnacha Peluda, Morenillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo. So why not explore Terra Alta, visit some wineries, drink some wine and cover at least 16 varietals!


If there is a combination of a trinity of people in Terra Alta with an absolute passion for wine it would be the two initiators of Vins del Tros and the additional third, experienced wine lover.


The project was launched in 2009 by Joan Ramon Bada, winemaker, and Joseph Arrufat, vintner. Both born in Villalba dels Arcs, friends since childhood and with the passion for vineyards and wine from their land.


The goal, agreed upon, from the beginning was to produce wines with a distinct Terra Alta typicality, taking advantage of the potential offered by the old Garnacha Negra and Garnacha Blanca vines, the two main traditional local varieties.


Finally, in late 2012, another contributor joined the team, passionate about wine culture of this country, Xavier Orobitg, looking to bring his extensive experience to favor this exciting project. If you indeed are a wine lover, think no more, just book a flight ticket and google Terra Alta, come and visit. This is a winery that is not making to much noise, they let the wines speak for themselves!


Cent x Cent 2011, 100% Garnacha Blanca

Wine made only with the varietal Garnacha Blanca. Vines recovered from a 79-year-old vineyard in the municipality of Villalba dels Arcs, harvested by hand, the Cent x is characterized by an aged white wine with aromatic and original personality. 2,000 bottles of this wine have been produced.

Yellow straw color with slight golden undertones. Displays aromas of ripe white fruit with a background of candied fruit. Citrus, floral notes and a nice sensation of tropical fruits, giving it originality. Fresh entry, quite creamy and carries a peachy sensation, but it is not peach peach, more like a combo of peach/melon. Has a lot in the mouth! Well made, persistent and I’d certainly combine this with grilled white fish, add some creamy sauce and you’ve got a marriage.

303 to go!

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