Jaumandreu, More Than Words in D.O. Pla de Bages

86/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Pla de Bages – Fonollosa – Jaumandreu – Nisus 2007

More than words…..,

…., mes que paraules in Catalan, is a wine by Jaumandreu. And indeed no words are needed, not only for this wine in particular, but in many instances, for many wines out there. Sometimes it’s just enough to sit there, with a nice glass of wine in hand, listen to a good song and enjoy. More than words!. You don’t have to say you love me, cause I already know. Hold me close, don’t ever let me go!


Jaumandreu is a surname with great tradition within wine making of this region. From the twelfth century, the finca (estate) of Jaumandreu, in the D.O. Pla de Bages, has created history and bottled it with excellent results, even though the history in this case is a brief one. Several different generations of professionals working together in magnificent conditions offered by this land for cultivation of vineyards.


The estate includes a traditional Catalan farmhouse set in a unique environment, among gentle hills, where silence reigns and you can get lost in knowing that this is, in more ways than one, an unique experience. Sometimes, this is all it takes to fall in love with a region, a winery or a wine.


The winery was founded in 2004 by a multidisciplinary team of professionals in food, marketing, communication and food production, carrying out a project that has already give its first offshoots, wines being accomplished, reflecting their personality but also aesthetics with a sleek and attractive image that refers to the elements of nature that surrounds the property.

A 8077

The Jaumandreu project has, within the Pla de Bages, recovered 60 hectares of vineyards with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and local Picapoll. The philosophy is forward thinking, trying to incorporate the best of what the wine world as a whole has to offer. Authenticity, creativity, passion and working together with a modern mind set in this project, that is Jaumandreu!


In summer it is pleasant to taste the freshness of a classy white wine accompanying meals or just as it is, a nice companion on a hot summer day. The Nisus is made from selected grapes harvested during the optimum moment of ripeness. The two varieties are pressed separately, the wine is kept cold so it can then be clarified.  Nisus is obtained by the process of aging on the lees, the wine is naturally oxygenated and controlled, giving it greater voluptuousness while it maintains natural freshness. This is not a joke, this is a serious wine for the lovers of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay with an oomph!

Nisus mitja

Nisus 2007, 60% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Chardonnay

Light straw color, surprisingly lively and bright. The nose is a very complex mix of honey and ripe peach accompanied by floral and citrus notes associated with a fresh harvest. It has fine and lovely aromas of white fruit, honey, dried figs and hazelnuts. The palate is fresh and creamy with great flavor, intensity and volume. This wine is long and smooth with an explosion of tropical fruit flavors accompanied by wood and elegant floral notes like jasmine. Powerful but delicate. Long and subtle aftertaste. Current but a classic. A great wine to enjoy in the summer. Recommend serving at a temperature between 9 and 11 degrees. Ideal to accompany fish, foie gras, poultry and Iberian ham.

294 to go!

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