Roig Parals, Take Five in D.O Empordà

95/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Emporda – Mollet de Peralada – Roig Parals – Cami de Cormes 2006

Take Five…….

Come on already, get out of the rat race, book a flight to Barcelona or Girona and rent a car, so that you can take five. Hours, days or weeks is all up to you and the kind of life quality you prefer. You know you deserve it! And once here, explore, visit, taste and eat and then taste some more wines and eats some more of the delicious food of all kinds, that you will find in Catalonia!


What are you waiting for, Google and all the major booking engines are right there, just a click away and the wines are calling your name! Oh, and just one more thing, once you get here, don’t forget to call me, cause you know that I want to join and there aren’t any rat races here! Why not meet up in Empordà and start the adventure with a visit at Roig Parals? After which we could…….


When in the end of the 19th century the phylloxera disease stroke the Provence area of France and started expanding from there to the rest of the European continent, the Roig Family already worked in the French vineyards of the Roussillon (France) because of their good and reliable expertise. They were owners of several hectares of vineyards in the Emporda Appellation of the Northern Catalonia, but had to work somewhere else to make their living.


When phylloxera hit France, the solution to the disease was rapidly found by using resistant rootstocks. Quality producing species already grown locally in France and Spain, were grafted on American resistant rootstocks and thus planted to renew the wine production.


The Roig Family brought back from France the grafts of the Carinyena (also called Carignane in France or Samsó in Catalonia), that variety is still cultivated today. The first plants date back from the 1890s. That legacy has been preserved until today with effort and perseverance to transform those grapes into the balanced and authentic wines you’ll be able to taste once you reach the winery!


Roig Parals has modernized the entrepreneurship of our ancestors at the vineyards and cellar in order to continue the family tradition. “Terroir” expression, organic farming and sustainability help them with the cultivation of their twelve hectares that today include not only the old Samsó vines but also traditional white Grenache, Moscatel and Macabeu or the international Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.


A rather new project they embarked upon is the one with the Montsant winery of Coca i Fito! I have heard good stuff about their joint venture, resulting in the wine Tocat. But since I have not yet visited Coca i Fito, that story will have to wait. Well, at least I know there are several more wineries to pass the days at.


Cami de Cormes 2007, 100% Samsó

The oldest plot dates back to 1896 and produces around 3.100Kg/ha and the plot which was planted in 1900 around 3.500Kg/ha. Bush vines.  It has a lovely, very natural bouquet with crisp blackberries, bilberry and oyster shell that is crisp and precise. The palate is medium-bodied with a sweet entry of marmalade and dark cherry fruit that continues into a well-defined, citrus fresh finish, with orange rind and a touch of dried blood. This is a very natural, engrossingly pure Cariñena.

284 to go!


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