CatalanWine365, No. 100! A little less conversation a little more action in D.O. Penedes

114/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Penedes – Sant Sadurni d’Anoia – Castellroig – Castellroig Reserva Familiar Brut Nature 2005

A little less conversation a little more action……


I would like to take a moment and breathe deep, savor the fact that I have, somehow, managed to write 100 blog posts about Catalan wine. 100 in a row! But I can’t relax just yet; I still have 265 days to go. Maybe, once I am halfway, I can take a breather because then I’ll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

SN-TN0TUNNELThe idea came to mind during October 2013 and since then I started planning. The plan has worked out well so far, and if it hadn’t been for the initial time spent traveling, visiting cellars and tasting wines; none of this would have been achievable. So how does it work in reality, and what do the numbers mean? During my first year and a half here in Catalonia, I travelled a lot and visited numerous cellars, met with winemakers, Catalans in general, and I tasted, tasted and tasted a whole lot of wine. I took notes and I took photos.

wine tasting notes

During the 100 days that I have been writing so far, I have also continued to drive crisscross through the Catalan countryside and the different appellations. I have visited fairs, gatherings of wine lovers and I have continued with receiving groups and individuals from all over the world to show the magic of the world of wine in Catalonia. Once a month I try to participate in a selected tasting of wine from one particular appellation. I have learned so much, about Catalonia. Not only about the wines, but also the history, the food, and the wonderful small villages and regions of this, in my opinion, amazing land.


The number 114/365, indicates how many wines I have tasted and written about. In reality I have, over the past 100 days, tried more than 600 wines. That might sound a lot, but I know professionals that taste that number during one week. Look at it this way. If you during a weekend visit a wine fair with, let’s say 50 producers and each display, in average, 4 wines, you are able in theory to try 200 wines. Easy math! So, even if I have managed to reach the first hurdle of 100 posts, I have written about 114 wines, which I have tasted and decided to share.


After this number, each blog post mentions where the wine is from, which appellation, wine cellar and finally the name of the wine. This is found at the very beginning of the post. Today I choose a Cava, a great bubbly to celebrate my first 100 posts! I might point out that I have been saving this one for a special occasion. And I’m happy to be able to, in a way, share this Cava with you!


Most articles describe the wine cellar, wine maker and in some cases the appellation, grapes and/or the village and region. Specific landmarks are mentioned as well as some historical facts, not always, but I try. At the very end of each “story” you’ll find my personal tasting notes for each wine. If you have been following the blog from the beginning, you will have noticed that I don’t give punctuations for the wine. For me, it would be like giving scores for music or any other art form, it is so very subjective and most of all, the way I see it, either you like a wine or you don’t. In my case, if I don’t like a wine, I don’t take the time to write about it.


I’ve learned that there’s little point in being objective because I figure if people want that, they’ll tune into their nightly news. I like giving credit to people who I think have done a good job. At believe it’s important to keep it real and personal, no matter what. I’m striving to continue doing this in the next 100 posts. Do I have to post every day? Yes! I have to, because if I don’t post every day, I would probably stop doing it altogether, that’s the way I function, or dysfunction, if you wish. I have to challenge myself, that’s when I do my best work and when my achievements are at the very peak.


Do you have to read every day? Certainly not! That’s what’s good about the format, the archives and the search function. If you only want to know about a certain region, wine type, grape variety or any other parameter you choose, that’s what you should spend your time reading about. If you, however, want to learn about wine from Catalonia in general, I promise that this is the place to be, at least if you like reading blogs in English and on a continuous basis. Every day a new wine, every day a new story!

"Write drunk, edit sober" Ernest Hemingway

“Write drunk, edit sober” Ernest Hemingway

Am I trying to be Hemingway? I dare say, no! The only way I could possibly compete with Ernest, is with regards to the alcohol intake, but not even there am I a valid competitor to him! I guess it is just another era we’re living in? I’m not, nor will I ever be a writer, but I do my best to convey my experience in a way I would like to read myself, and guess that’s the right way to do it?

Too many words!

Too many words!

I’m wordy. Sometimes more than I’d like to be. And I think if I’d divided some posts in half, I might be at 150 posts or more by now, with 250 wines noted. Not a horrible thing, but considering that I would have to spend time doing the division myself, I find that You, the reader, could do your part and help out, read one part in the morning and another in the evening! What happens after 365 days, that is if I am still adhering to my plan? I don’t know, and I don’t like to speculate. Let’s stick it out together and see where it takes us. It’s NOT the destination that’s important, it IS the journey! So far so good, thank you ALL so very much for sticking by my side, and for taking an interest in Catalan Wine!


And now…., a little less bla bla bla, a little more glu, glu, glu! Time for wine! From Castellroig, a small winery outside the town of Sant Sandurni d’Anoia, which I have covered in more detail before.


Castellroig Reserva Familiar Brut Nature 2005

Bright golden yellow colour with very fine bubbles that form a delicate bubble chain. Great set full of aromatic complexity. Fresh fruit is perceived among its good toasted aromas, its abundant notes of spices, its intense touch of nuts and its light buttery notes of brioche on a subtle herbal background. A great Cava! Its intensity is noticed from the attack. It shows the complexity provided by its long aging with creamy notes and toasted aromas. Its elegant acidity balances the set. It has a very tasty and very long finish.Very elegant and very serious Cava.

265 to go!

Catalan Wine 365 and the SweetEasy Lifestyle


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