Vins del Tros, Oye Como Va in D.O. Terra Alta

115/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Terra Alta – Vilalba del Arcs – Vins del Tros – Ay De Mi 2010

Oye como Va…….

Extra, Extra! Read all about it, here Vins del Tros!

Today marks 101, after this one has been written, completed posts. Wine no. 115 is something special and the winery has been covered previously. Hey, I promised, one Catalan Wine a day ad I have kept my word so far, I didn’t say it would be one cellar and one wine! Old jungle saying……, There are times when CatalanWine365 leaves the village and walks the streets of the town like an ordinary man!


Yesterday I had to pay another visit to Barcelona. Ten wine lovers from Sweden, on a business trip to Barcelona, asked me to hold a wine tasting of Catalan wine (off course, what else?). So I introduced four appellations and wines from these areas. A Cava, a white and two reds. Three of the cellars I have covered in my previous blogs. The fourth I am saving for yet another special occasion!


The tasting lasted for a while and before i got back to my village, it was late. Up and about this morning I realize I’m running short of time. Have to get the BBQ going and prep some more wines, as another great day (in terms of tasting wines) is at hand in a few hours! Got some good friends coming over and after they have been here I won’t be able to put two words together correctly, so here’s todays, very short, entry!

Ay de mi 2010,Vins del tros,Terra Alta,Spain,,-400x400

Ay De Mi 2010, Garnacha Negra and Syrah

Oye Como Va, means “Hey how’s it going”….., Ay De Mi translates to “Oh My!”. And f I was a lazy bugger, which I admit to being at times, I would simply conclude the tasting with just that….., Oh My!!! Aromatic, well made and tasty are words that immediately come to mind! But let me be a bit more specific. The color is cherry red with purple edges. Tears that stain the glass. Primaries of black fruit with hits of spices, cinnamon and vanilla. Delicate notes of aromatic herbs and licorice at the background. Ample and rich on the palate with high presence of very ripe fruit, red sauce, ground pepper, cinnamon and caramel latte. Polished tannins and earthy feeling to end. The Garnatcha Negra and Syrah for this cool wine comes from the D.O. of Terra Alta. From vines growing at 400 meters in elevation with significant temperature fluctuations from day to night, this is a cool and balanced wine. It has aged for 12 months in barrels 50% newer and 50% older. Try with savory roasts, braises, and rich, meaty fare.

264 to go!

Catalan Wine 365 and the SweetEasy Lifestyle



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