Celler Cingles Blaus, Say Something in D.O. Montsant

121/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Montsant – Cornudella de Montsant – Celler Cingles Blaus – Octubre Negre 2007

Say Something…..

….., taste, think, feel, say something, have an opinion! Don’t reflect on weather it’s right or wrong, sometimes you need to actually say what you think about the wine you drink, just to hear it out loud, if even just for yourself. The more you practice this approach, the more you get to understand about tasting wine and sometimes you might be “wrong” but you will never be wrong! How can you? It is after all only about you and your appreciation of what’s in the glass. You like whites? Drink whites! You like reds……., same thing. But please do me a favor and think about what it is you are drinking. I promise, that after a while, it will pay off! Happy wine days over the easter holidays!


Welcome to step into the world of the next generation wine makers of the D.O. Montsant. Cingles Blaus will rock your world! You will have to show that you know wine, to show that you at least care about how it was made and try to understand what it tastes like, all to get into the deep end! When they say they want to democratize wine, they are just declaring their intention to see wine as a healthy and sustainable part of the everyday diet, an integral part of the Mediterranean diet and culture.


Ever since the time wine was made by hand and drunk from clay jars in the wine consuming parts of the world, wine culture has adapted to each era of civilization. But lately the culture of wine has distanced itself from the everyday table and the reach of all people. It has become exclusive and lost some of its culture, when in fact it should be a staple. By that, I don’t mean you should over consume wine, have a glass or even two, but again (and I’m repeating), think about it and enjoy every drop.


In the middle of the Priorat lies a vineyards, like so many here, laden with history. The Busquets family owns a country house on the estate of Mas de les Moreres, in the municipality of Cornudella de Montsant. Formerly, there had been a winery and so the family decided, a fee years ago, to start it up under the name Cingles Blaus. In 2000, Magi Baget, technician and partner of the cellar, put out the first vintage of this estate. And during 2004, an agreement was reached with the Busquets brothers, deciding to convert the country house into a cellar. ” We had the space, land, and he needed a place to expand, so we consolidated” says Joseph Busquets, partner of the winery.


This would be the natural continuation of what Baget started, an expanding business. Magi Baget released the Cingles Blaus Selecció onto the market, as the first label of the cellar. When teamed with the Busquets family, they released the line Ocubre. It is a young wine with a semicrianza, designed for the daily market. Initially it was only the red wine, which was later followed by a white and rose. The Cingles Blaus winery also works with winemaker Eloi Milan from Vilafranca, deriving from a family of winemakers with over 500 years of tradition. The whole range of wines, although the wines are all made under the Montsant D.O. have a touch (the hands) of Vilafranca, which gives the wine a flavor different from the rest. In total, the range of wines from Cingles Blaus consists of the Cingles Blaus Selecció’, which is red; Mas de les Moreres, a red wine but they have the intention of making a white one as well, the Octubre, red, rose and white and a semisweet, made from dried grapes (raisins).


The winery has an area of roughly ​​fifteen hectares of vineyards, planted with young vines and vineyards older than eighty years. In the beginning, it started with a production of nine thousand bottles, and year after year, it is growing. The intention is to grow, and the have the capacity, to approximately a hundred thousand bottles. The advantage of being part of the Montsant, is that they can have a high quality product on the market, priced to compete with the Priorat wines. This is definitely a winery to keep your eyes on, because I’m certain that great things are to come, not that what ‘s made there today isn’t great!

Octubre_Negre 2007

Octubre Negre 2007, 60% Garnacha, 20% Carignena and 20% Syrah

The wine has been aged for six months in European oak barrels. The color is intense dark cherry and brilliant. The aromas on the nose are primarily those of fresh (ripe) red fruit, violet candy, balsamic and slightly mineral. The palate is balanced, fruity and fleshy, good structure, easy to drink. A nice, well made wine, with a great price/quality ratio! A wine with personality and character.

258 to go!

Catalan Wine 365 and the SweetEasy Lifestyle



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