El Cortijo de…, Let’s Go Get ‘Em in DOQ Priorat

131/365 – Catalonia – DOQ Priorat – Canovelles – El Cortijo de…. – Clos Nelin 2009

Let’s Go Get ‘Em……

….., and so we did! Miguel felt like cooking again, yes, he’s done it before, right here! The food, excellent as always, the wines, great…., as always! But the best thing of all, the people! Great friends enjoying another great Sunday together! Cured meats, three types of fish baked in Miguels big ass oven, fiduea (a typical noodle dish of the region), lamb shoulders and it just kept coming. If he stops working as a teacher I’m going to employ him as my personal chef!

Migule making sure the kitchen is ready for tonight's snack!

Migule making sure the kitchen is ready for tonight’s snack!

For me as a wine lover it was an exceptional afternoon. We managed to cover some of the best wine making parts of Spain but also S.A., Italy and France! Catalonia? Would I be at a wine get together if there weren’t Catalan wines? Well, honestly, sure I would! But fortunately for the blog, there were some great Catalan wines, fighting with the others for the “favorite of the day award”. Didn’t quite make it all the way this time as Toro took the gold with Termanthia from 2004! A wonderful wine!

A nice selection during a Sunday lunch!

A nice selection during a Sunday lunch!

My Catalan choice of the day is Clos Nelin from Clos Mogador and Rene Barbier, one of the greatest wine makers of the Priorat. I’m not going to cover Clos Mogador, as there has been miles and miles of articles written about both the winery and Rene! A great man with a enormous passion for wine and especially for the Priorat!





Thank you Miguel for the tasty lunch and thank you, Rene Barbier, for Clos Nelin! A wine which could go head to head with some of the greatest! And a huge thank you to my very dear friend, Agustín Palomé Garcia, for the wine selection!


Clos Nelin 2009, Garnacha Blanca, Macabeo, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Roussanne and Viognier

The blend spends 9 months ageing on lees. Rene’s aim is to produce a truly unique wine that reflects both the rocky, sun drenched soil of Priorat while at the same time paying homage to the historical wines of the area. It’s something he has achieved brilliantly. The unusual grape mix and the climate of Priorat lends the wine enormous concentration and texture, while the extraordinary slate (llicorella) soils give a tangy freshness, especially on the finish. It is a delicious, intriguing wine that almost defies a tasting note. To describe it as tasting like the bastard offspring of a Chateauneuf Blanc and a mineral white Burgundy doesn’t quite do it justice! I’ll just say this! Balanced, excellent composition and impossible to pair with todays food!

248 to go!

Catalan Wine 365 and the SweetEasy Lifestyle

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