Joan d’Anguera, Like a Star in D.O Montsant

141/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Montsant – Darmos – Joan d’Anguera – Joan d’Anguera Altaroses 2012

Like a Star…..,

…. a bright and shining star in the Montsant. This must be the way forward, because they (the cellars of Montsant) can’t rely on the “old ways”. Innovation and change is and has to be constant, to stay in tune with the demands and the various tastes on the market. That is, if you want to sell you wine. But not only….., I guess there has to be some satisfaction in what you do and I think that doing everything the way it has always been done, doesn’t contribute to your personal development. Joan and Josep, the two d’Anguera brothers know this all to well! You want a “different” Montsant (and not the “one” that tries to be a copy of Priorat), then you should try one or more of the Joan d’Anguera wines!


The wine is……, Joan d’Anguera Altaroses 2012, 100% Granatxa

The Altaroses is their first certified bio-dynamic and organic wine. The brothers decided to label the wine as a “Garnatxa”, the Catalan spelling for Garnacha, a variety that has been grown here for ages. The nose is that of fresh wild strawberries and toasted spices. Very expressive. It has a mouth-watering acidity and great soft and ripe red fruits coming through. Soft tannins and well balanced structure between acidity, tannin, fruit and alcohol. This is an “easy” wine to consume but maybe not so easy to understand and in a blind tasting I’d swear it wasn’t from the Montsant!

The region (comarca) of Priorat is home to two appellations of origin, DOQ Priorat and D.O. Montsant. The latter, which extends across nearly 2,000 acres, was known until 2001 as the backyard of D.O. Tarragona within the sub-zone of Falset.

However, due to the set of different features and the qualitative potential of the Montsant terroir, their calcareous soils and a continental climate, screened by the Mediterranean influence, and old vines of Carignena and Garnacha, made ​​evident the need for this area to have its own legal personality.


Since then, the quantitative and qualitative evolution, especially in the D.O. Montsant has been admirable. There is heterogeneity in the level of the vineyards and wines, but this absolutely should obscure the reality of its rapid and profound qualitative change over the last decade.


Joan d’Anguera is one of the wineries that have contributed decisively to take this great leap forward. Josep and Joan, sons of the venerable Joan who gave name to this house, alongside their mother, Merce, hold the destiny of this cellar in their hands.


And they do that with results that are, unusually for wine makers, financially very sound. The wines produced at the property are six in number. Joan d’Anguera, Planella, Finca l’Argata, Bugader and Altaroses are the reds and then there’s the sweet red D’Or.


The wines are made with different combinations of grapes from old and young vineyards. Garnacha Negra, Carinena, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, grown according to the precepts of organic farming, entirely from one of the four properties owned by the family (Agrata, Planella, Mas Pedret and Tancat).

PENTAX Digital Camera

Wines that convey elegance, personality and great sincerity, the essence of the vineyards in a bottle! If there’s any chance you’ll be tasting Monsant wines you’re going to try from Montsant, make sure this one is on the list!


Bugader 2006, Syrah 85%, Garnacha 15%

Cherry color with violet borders, high layers. Fine and elegant nose, floral notes, red and black fruits and a hint of wood. Its evolution is insatiable, pastries, balsamic, elegant wood, herbs, butterscotch, chocolate, cocoa, coffee….. What I have in the glass, is a great wine, very well put together (produced) and well balanced, harmonious and amazing nose. It is one of those wines that puts everything in perspective, primary, secondary and tertiary aromas dancing together as one at the end! Once in the mouth it is elegant and polished. Large and round, not tired or exhausted, very long and sweet. Very elegant balance. Make sure to decant at least half an hour and make sure to get two bottles when you buy this one, you’re gonna need them both!

238 to go!

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