Bernavi, Beginnings in D.O. Terra Alta

154/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Terra Alta – Vilalba dels Arcs – Bernavi – Ca’Vernet 2012


…., when I’m with you it doesn’t mater where we are, just as long we are in Catalonia, enjoying wine! Once more we wander to the highlands of Catalonia, the Terra Alta appellation, a region every wine lover should know by now! Don’t miss out on great wines from a very small and secluded region, sometimes overlooked because of the vicinity to the Priorat and Montsant!


Bernavi has evolved from the restlessness of three young viticulturalists and their passion for the enchanting world of vineyards and wine making: Marco Bernava his partner Ruth Fullat Sisteré, and brother Gino Bernava. Their Italo-Catalan project started in 2007, choosing a personal and familiar setting in “Terra Alta”, a D.O. within the Tarragona district. This has resulted in the restoration of a traditional vineyard, the planting of thousands of new vines and the completion of a modern winery in 2011.


The history of “Mas Vernet”, dates back to 1694, and is rooted in the north of Vilalba dels Arcs along the “Camí de Berrús” which reaches up to the Ebro River valley: here Bernavi cultivates its vines and makes wine exclusively from their own grapes “interpreting the terroir“. The location of Bernavi project was carefully selected for the peculiar potential of the region, recognized by the three winemakers. They are in a pre-coastal, area where the Mediterranean climate meets the Spanish highlands: here the high temperature variation between day and night during the summer promotes good grape maturation.


Climate conditions of this area also allow a style of production that totally respects and enhances the environment. The limestone quaternary soils present quite extreme and fascinating conditions. In this land of Catalonia, Bernavi decided to look for synergies between the climate and soil varieties as well as agronomic and oenological techniques to characterize the quality of its produce.

bernavi_els tres

The native varieties of Garnatxa Blanca and Morenillo, together with typical Garnatxa Negra, assimilate with international varieties to be grown and processed so that “this interpretation of the terroir” can be tasted and enjoyed in the Bernavi wines. Bernavi wants to instill their own formula, processing quality and always respecting the pleasure of matching food and wine: they want to have standout wines, made for scouring tasters searching for some authenticity. The state of the art winery bottled its product line at the end of March 2011: a white wine, a rosé and a young red wine.

Garnacha Morenillo

Garnacha Morenillo

A white wine from a 65 year old vineyard of Garnatxa blanca, proudly Mediterranean and mature in all aspects, meets a young and fresh Viognier. A rose from a fully structured Garnatxa negra creates an inviting and delicious wine. Last but not least, the blend of Garnatxa negra, Syrah and Merlot produced with uniquely different techniques creates a young red wine with character.


The winery continues to pursue the evolution of its wines aged in French and Slavonian 3000 liter oak barrels, another unique interpretation of the three winemakers. In these barrels, Cabernets and Morenillo focus the results of human and natural inputs of the Bernavi philosophy: “interpreting the terroir.” Welcome to my world, where I daily discover amazing and authentic wines!


Ca’Vernet 2012, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc

The wine has been aged for 9 months in Croatian and French oak barrels of 3.000 liters.

The color is deep red purple, intense and opaque. Varietal notes of pepper, blackberry and spices (white pepper) harmonized with the fine toasted oak. Vegetable notes, some fruity aromas and hardwood/oak. The entry into the mouth is powerful and harmonious at the same time. During tasting, body and persistence recall and highlight the range of smells, persistent and changeable. A powerful, deep and tasty red, which is to be enjoyed with food. A creamy risotto to give homage to the Italians in Terra Alta!

225 to go!

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