VallDolina, Move On Up in D.O. Penedés

165/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Penedes – Olesa de Bonesvalls – VallDolina – VallDolina Brut Gran Reserva Eco

Move on Up…..

VallDolina Brut Gran Reserva Eco


The finesse and elegance of this cava takes us back 48 months, when it was decided to age the bottles on their lees in the silence of the cellar, in order to pay homage to the 25th anniversary of the cellar. During this special year, they wanted to offer everyone the full expression found in a cava and now you are able to enjoy this masterpiece. The Cava has been aged on its lees for 48 months.

Straw yellow color. Primary aromas of ripe fruits with strong notes of ageing along with smoky aromas. Subtle aromas of dried fruits and hints of patisserie. On the palate: round with crisp acidity. Full and creamy with a long fruity finish. Delicate on the retro-nasal cavity that confirms the long ageing found on the nose. Ideally matched with heavy meals. This Cava is versatile and can be drunk with any dish from a starter through to dessert.
 Serve at 7-8°C

Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up (label)

….., Move On Up, take nothing less not even second best! When we want to drink bubbly…, well, yes, then we drink Cava! Don’t for a moment think that Cava is a inferior product to Champagne, it is not! There are Cavas I wouldn’t drink and there are Champagnes I wouldn’t look at twice, but there are great Cavas out there, if you just take the time and explore, you will find them.


In 1987, seduced by this familiar, yet fascinating and mysterious piece of land, Joan Badell Badell decided to bottle his first wines and to plant his first trained vines. In 1999 his son, Raimon Badell Rosés, who was then studying oenology and was a close collaborator in the winemaking process, decided to turn to ecological and biodynamical agriculture.


Since 2006, the oenologist Ferran Gil García has also been taking part in the VallDolina Viticulturists and Winemakers of Can Tutusaus project. Apart from looking after the vineyards most carefully and in a way that is ecologically sustainable, their joint efforts have made possible the production of a white wine, a rosé one, three red ones and three different types of Cava.


They only work with grapes picked from their own estate, situated between 240m and 360m above sea level, bordering the Natural Park of the Massif of Garraf. The vineyards grow on hills with calcareous-clay soil and produce, on average, some 3500l/h. The climate is Mediterranean, strongly influenced by the vicinity of the sea.


In addition to the grapes, soil and estate itself, the two man team behind the Tutusaus are Raimon and Ferran. Raimon Badell i Roses is one of those viticulturists who live on the estate, in close relationship with his vineyards and is fully aware that grapes are the main characters in the process of winemaking. When he became involved in it, he decided to do so taking into account the characteristics of the estate so that the wine produced would be enhanced not only by the unique features of the estate, but also by the utmost care with which he treats it.


His passion comes from his father, enamoured with his land. He has also inherited his father’s dedication to winemaking. As for the rest, it’s all hard work and a wish to excel. Once he finished his studies, he worked in several wine regions all over the world. These were mere steps towards making his dreams come true. Demanding and sensitive, we shall now see where his dreams take him.


The other partner, Ferran Gill i Garcia was born in the neighborhood of Sants in Barcelona, his ancestors handed him the passion and respect for the land. Through his mother’s family of the olive trees of Jaen, and father’s family side of the Terra Alta vineyards and olives of Arbeca. He finished his higher studies of Horticulture and Food industry, began his professional projection in various companies in the Penedès. After having gained experience, and finished his master’s degree in enology, he simply decided to enjoy his profession, believing at all times in what he does. At this point, the two fellow students, decided to join forces to create something together, a project where the personality, honesty, and knowledge, is found in every bottle.


214 to go!

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