Serralada de Marina, Beyond the Sea in D.O. Alella

168/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Alella – Bienni – Celler Altrabanda – 93 Ceps

Beyond the Sea….


93 Ceps, 100% Sumoll (one of my favorite Catalan red grape varieties)


As the name indicates, 93 Ceps, (93 vines), the Sumoll grapes come from only 93 vines! The vineyard is 60 years old and located in Santa Maria de Martorelles. The harvest was carried out during the first two weeks of October, collected in boxes of 15 kg. The harvest is de-stemmed and tread lightly and led throughout by gravity, without the use of pumps. The wine is fermented and macerated in stainless steel tanks of 1000 liter. 21 day resting period with 3 pigeages daily. Malolactic fermentation is done in barrels of 225 liters of various backgrounds and different levels of toast. Aged for 14 months in new French Allier oak barrels. Production below 1,000 bottles.

Medium cherry red color, shiny and bright, clean. The nose has good intensity, expressive and crisp varietal definition. Fresh red fruit (cherries, strawberries, plums) are dominating. Menthol, with notes of Mediterranean forest (thyme syrup , rosemary) are nicely laid out and carries the wine further to a second dimension. There are marked aging notes (aromatic cacao, lactic, smoked and curious notes of oriental spices (turmeric, curry leaves, cardamom) and a hint of graphite pencil lead. Intense spicy finish. A wine with a great personality.


“Land of Light, Open Character” Curious things are going on in Catalonia! Strange people, strange wine makers and strange wines. Never have their been so many crazy geniuses gathered in one place, this is a good thing, mind you! The other day you were introduced to apple juice and Garnacha! Today we are heading to the winery of oranges, Sumoll and Pansa Blanca! Hope you enjoy reading as much I enjoy drinking wine!


Serralada Marina is a winery located in Martorelles , Barcelona , dedicated to making wine under the corporation Serralada Corps. When in 1999 Joan Plans decided to reostart the winery, he did so under the curious name Altrabanda (“more over” or “the other side”) refering to their location. The vineyards are located across the mountains that separate them from the Catalan town of Alella .


Plans always had vineyards growing up and after a 20 year hiatus modernized the winery and waited for the right circumstances to start making wine again. The products are sold under the brand Serralada Marina and sold in restaurants in the area and abroad. The Alella , to which ALtrabanda belongs, is the smallest D.O. of the Peninsula, with 560 hectares of planted vineyards, located north of Barcelona.


Altrabanda is the only winery in the D.O. of Alella that produces all its white wines with the local variety of the territory, Pansa Blanca . The winery has products such as an orange wine, vinegar and vermouth, named Castellruf , all of them are 100 % Pansa Blanca.


Joan Plans, owner of the winery, says: “If the local variety is the Pansa Blanca it is because over the years it has proven to be the variety best adapted to the climate and the characteristics of the territory.”


211 to go!

Catalan Wine 365 and the SweetEasy Lifestyle


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