Celler Clos d’Agon, Il Mondo in D.O. Emporda

173/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Catalunya – Calonge – Celler Clos d’Agon – Clos d’Agon Amic 2010

Il Mondo……


Clos d’Agon Amic 2010, 64% Garnacha, 17% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Syrah, 2% Monastrell 

A lovely cherry color presents this wine in its perfect  form. Purple highlights and abundant tears. Intense first nose with good complexity. Presents honest red fruit. Cherries and blackberries. Notes of pine, sandalwood and musk. Silky entry with nerve and strength. Elegant. Fruity and with excellent acidity. Good minerality and excellent persistence. Not at all disappointed with this wine, made my day and more! I think this wine might appeal to a large majority of wine lovers!  Elegant, fruit, silky and persistent. All in one. I want more! Another Super Catalan?

Celler Clos d'Agon

Celler Clos d’Agon

The story of the Clos d’Agon winery begins in 1987, when a French couple decides to buy the old country house Mas Gil, where 12 hectares of vineyard planted with hybrid varieties, narrow planting frames and glass conduction already exist. The owners get advice from professionals like Pierre Galet and André Crespy, professors at the University of Montpellier, and decide to pull up the old vineyard and plant prestigious French varieties for the production of quality wines.


Let’s throw some names around, because I believe that will give you some understanding of how serious undertaking this is. After the stage of pulling old vines and planting new, six Swiss wine lovers and friends, including Franz J. Wermuth (Les Grands Vins Wermuth), Frank Ebinger (Casa del Vino Ebinger) and Silvio Denz (Château Faugères, Château Rocheyron, Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey, Montepeloso) acquire this renowned viticultural environment in 1998 and hire, as wine consultant, the oenologist Peter Sisseck, who produces in Ribera del Duero great wines such as Pingus, Hacienda Monasterio, etc.


At this stage a new project towards an increased production of quality wines is undertaken, with the construction of a new winery designed by architect Jesús Manzanares and an increased plantation area by retrieving old terraces in the higher parts of the property.Currently, the technical director Miguel Coronado, advised by oenologist Peter Sisseck, continues working to make the most of the particular terroir of Clos d’ Agon, and to thereby further develop great wines that are characterized by a marked style and quality.


206 to go!

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