Celler Mas Bella, The Long Way Home in D.O. Tarragona

180/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Tarragona – Masmolets – Celler Mas Bella – Bella Negre Crianca

The Long Way Home……..,


Bella Negre Crianca, 100% Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo)

The Bella Negre Crianca has been elaborated using the Eyes of the Hare grapes, in Catalan Ull de Llebre and in Spanish Tempranillo. Same grape, different pronunciation. Both maceration and fermentation was done controlling the temperature carefully after which it has been aged in oak barrels and on the bottle. Intense dark cherry color. The nose is complex and delicate, with notes of ripe red fruit, slightly lactic, toast and spices. The palate is sweet, structured, balanced and rich with spices. Persistent after taste. A tight red from the appellation of Tarragona.


A small producer from this old Roman settlement where wine has been produced, in one way or the other, for centuries and centuries. The Mas Bella winery and the range of fine wines they make come from the vineyards of Masmolets, in total they have 14 hectares of vineyards producing their own indigenous varieties such as Macabeo, Parellada, Carthusian, Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo) and Garnacha Tinto, each year they select the best grapes to produce their wines under the umbrella of the DO Tarragona. A unique production of 10,000 bottles per year and that’s it!

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Within the old manor house dating from 1777 two young entrepreneurs who have wanted to return to highlight the project of their grandfather took up the ardous task of makeing wine from the family vineyards. They renovated part of the old winery where they currently produce the wines and where they have a space dedicated to store wine and a tasting room in order to offer the visitors and clients a pleasant stay to taste the products. They got the trust from the family and the key to the manor house, go for it!

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203 to go!

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