Bouquet d’Alella, Sabor a Mi in D.O Alella

187/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Alella – Alella – Bouquest d’Alella – Bouquet d’A Blanc 2013

Sabor a Mi…….,


Bouquet d’A Blanc 2013, 65% Pansa Blanca, 35% Garnacha Blanca

Bright straw yellow with green hue. Fresh aromas of flowers, white fruits with a soft citrus fragrance. Soft in the mouth upon entry, followed by fruity flavors and fresh, nicely-balanced acidity. Smooth and silky. Long finish with long lasting “terroir” flavours. The wine shows Mediterranean character in its purest form. A fresh Middle Sea white, to be enjoyed with friends. Prepare a nice pasta dish and a few bottles will flow easily.


Bouquet d’Alella, an adventure which the Cerdà brother and sister bravely set out on in 2010, was born out of the motto, “Live Tradition, Experience Innovation”. They were inspired by a tradition handed down by their father – Antonio Cerda – embodied by the masia (the farm house) and vineyards, and by the dream of creating a contemporary product, a quality product, with a vision of the future.


Playing with the name of the family estate –Can Boquet– and the term bouquet, the French word to describe the set of aromas released by a wine, the name Bouquet d’Alella was created. Here they produce and sell quality organic wines as well as focusing on wine tourism, offering wine related leisure activities just 15 km from Barcelona. Welcome to my world!


The estate has had 13 hectares of vineyards for over 25 years, now cultivated using organic techniques, located near and around Allela, Teia and Vilassar de Dalt (D.O. Alella). This distribution of vineyards means that there is a good representation of the various different sub-climates and soils of the Maresme. The white varieties planted are: Pansa Blanca and Garnacha Blanca. While the reds are: Syrah, Grenache Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Monastrell.


Through experimenting with these variables, they produce quality, reflecting the winery’s single-minded objective of bringing out the quality of the native grape varieties. The winery is located inside the beautiful 14th century masia (Can Boquet) situated near the town of Alella and surrounded by vineyards. Here tradition coexists with the latest winemaking technology used to produce small quantities of quality organic wines with great personality.


They handle the entire process with the greatest of care: the grapes are selected by hand in the vineyards, gentle pressing is carried out and only the free run juice is used, and fermentation (both in vats and in the barrels) is temperature controlled to ensure the vinification is very well managed. The wines are left to rest in the masia’s old cellars, some aged in new barrels of French, Central European and American oak.


194 to go!

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