Celler Arché Pagès, Pressure Drop in D.O. Emporda

211/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Emporda – Capmany – Celler Arché Pagès – Sàtirs Negre 2007

Pressure Drop…….,


Sàtirs Negre 2007, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Garnacha and 25% Carignena

Garnet colour with purple edges, thin layer. Intense and pleasant nose with a background of red fruits. Floral notes, balsamic and mineral. The palate is nice, fresh and balanced. Soft tannins, long finish with hints of red fruits and fresh grass. Winemaking: Fermented for 10 days at 27 ° C. Maceration for 21 days with two pumping’s per day, (each variety separately). No clarification or filtration. Ageing: 6 months in French oak barrels.


Five generations of viticulturist. In the heart of Alt Empordà, from a century ago till now, the family Arché Pagès has worked and loved the vineyard. Since 2004 they produce their own wines of singular personality. Making wine in Capmany, where its properties are well-known, is a great challenge. The distinction is achieved with absolute control during the whole process: from the pruning to the harvest, from the cellar to the bottle. The expert and sensitive care of the family brings the product to the market with a high level of demand and quality.

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Capmany, land of vines and wineries. Vineyards form this municipal area located in the north-east of Catalonia, close to the Pyrenees and near to the Mediterranean Sea, wine-producing region assigned to the D.O. Empordà. The grape varieties cultivates by the family on the 14 hectares of the property are: garnatxa negra, samsó, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, merlot, macabeu and garnatxa blanca. Maximum care and respect for the environment. Agriculture based on the regard for the nature. Because of this, the majority of the work is done by hand. “Tramuntana” is the climatic feature that characterizes this territory. This wind, clean and dry, favours a clear sky and firm roots in the soil.


Regarding the typology of the terrain, it is granitic, acid and poor, rough and dry because of the lack of high rainfall. These qualities determine a low yield vineyard, but, at the same time, a production of high quality. Harvest is carried out by hand without container, the grapes are put delicately in boxes. The bunch of grapes arrives to the wine cellar intact and undamaged, once they have been selected in the same vineyard. The harvest is done when each variety arrives to its own optimum point of ripeness.

celler-arche-pages-01Emotion, sensitivity, technique and coupage. Tradition and Modernness are not incompatible. Advanced technology is used in the elaboration system. Each plot of land is consigned in separate cisterns, stainless steel tanks of low capacity. The processes involved in the wine making, are carried out with a meticulous temperature control. The initial classification according to the varieties and qualities makes easy the coupage.


The art of the wine. The last stage is the one of the silence and the leave to stand. The forced aging is made in French oak barrels. The time of stand is determined by the taste of the enologist. Only when the wine surpasses all expectations it is bottled. The wines are neither filtered nor clarified: this way, the bouquet and the structure are retained, preserving the original identity. The bottle is made in the same property. The aging room is 3 meter underground and has a temperature and humidity control system that guarantees a settled environment. Here, each bottle acquires the personal hallmark, the character of limited edition.

170 to go!

Catalan Wine 365 and the SweetEasy Lifestyle

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