La Conreria d’Scala Dei, If I Ever Get Around To Living in DOQ Priorat

213/365 – Catalonia – DOQ Priorat– Escala Dei – La Conreria d’Scala Dei – Les Brugueres 2013

If I Ever Get Around To Living…….,

Les BrugueresLes Brugueres 2013, 100% Garnacha Blanca

Golden yellow with green reflections, intense aroma of tropical fruit and apricot, some notes of mint as it opens. Fine aromas of ripe, floral white fruit with mineral notes and hints of aniseed. Tasty and silky on the palate with good acidity and balance, highlights its pleasant citrus finish with a slightly spicy touch. Glyceric wine that fills the mouth. The acidity is very well balanced and the wine has a long after taste. A wonderful display of what can be made with the white Grenache grown in the Priorat! The Garnacha Blanca range, from Les Brugueres farms, “La Creueta” plays on all the strings! This is a small farm of 3 ha. of terraced vineyards planted with slate floors in 1980 and located within the municipal district of Scala Dei. Pre-fermentation maceration 75 hours, temperature-controlled fermentation with subsequent storage in stainless steel vats with its lees for 4 months. Bottled unfiltered.


Celler La Scala Dei D’Conreria was named after the Monastery of Scala Dei in the Priorat region, where the monks of the Carthusian order planted the first vines in its origin in 1194. The current winery was founded in 1997, born of the will and enthusiasm of a group of people historically linked to this region. Located in a privileged setting at the foot of the Sierra de Montsant, within the natural park in the heart of the renowned wine region of Priorat. Now developing a range of quality wines from a selection of vineyards of 26.5 ha., which is spread over plots located in different parts of Priorat.

F1 (2)

Overlooking the Mediterranean from the heights of the Montsant, the Priorat is a space whose rugged topography surprises the visitor. Eight centuries ago on these slatey lands, the Carthusian monks of Scala Dei marked out the terrain that is today’s modern, booming DOQ Priorat. A region whose economic and social life revolves around its agricultural vocation and, very particularly, around wine. A land that the FAO recognized in 1974 as having a quality and unique traits enabling some of the world’s finest wines to be produced there.

Escala DeiThe name of the winery contains a history and a heritage that take us back to an encounter with a thousand-year-old tradition. Because they are proud of this land, they pay homage to it by taking exquisite care of the vineyards where different types and varieties of grapes are grown, wisely distributed among the region’s different enclaves, so that they can create wines with distinctive personality. In the Priorat region each door, stone and wall harbors silence, calm and a vitality that enables everything to take on meaning, to make sense. This is a place where passion and expertise make it possible to work that miracle: The creation of great wine!

DOQ Priorat

168 to go!

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