Amics del Gobe, With a Little Help From My Friends in D.O. Montsant

220/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Montsant – Bodega Amics del Gobe – Gobe 2011

With a Little Help From My Friends……,

Lend me your ear and I’ll tell you a story about friends, true friends, wine loving friends honouring a wine dream! The short story about Gobe, with a little help from his friends.

The 12 friends encircling Gobe, in the middle!

The 12 friends encircling Gobe, in the middle!

Gobe 2011, 60% Cariñena and 40% Garnacha

Montsant, friendship and love in a bottle! Dark cherry red colour. Intense red and black ripe fruit, toasty, spicy and certain mineral and balsamic notes. The Cariñena is showing its true potential, when grown in this amazing region and from vines that have been take care of in the best possible way. Concentrated and explosive fruit carries this wine a long way. The wood is hardly noted, the fruit does the talking. Marked acidity and tannins in a long, dry finish with some nice bitter notes. Delicious after-taste!


How do you get a nickname that is remembered? How does a wine get its name? In the early eighties little Josep Barceló, still too young to read, would identify the peg to hang his coat on at his Priorat school by a drawing of a mushroom (“rovelló”) over it. In his childish speech, he would not pronounce the “r” sound properly, so his schoolmates promptly nicknamed him “govelló”, later shortened to Gobe. Josep “Gobe” Barceló grew up among his friends, meeting them also after school to play football (their team was called “La Xusma”, the rabble), and, later on, to share a bottle of wine. In due time, many of them worked in the world of wine; Gobe himself at the Celler de Capçanes, while planning, in the future, to make wine from a small family vineyard farmed by his uncle.
Gobe 12
Sadly, in 2004 Gobe died in an work related accident, that shouldn’t have happened. A few weeks later, his friends, gathered by Adrian Perez, visited Gobe’s family and, suggested making the wine Gobe dreamt of, as a common effort, in a non-profit way, as a tribute to his memory. Ten friends, with the help of Gobe’s uncle and brothers, making the group of friends and family 12 in total, would endeavour to make Gobe’s wish come to reality. The winery of Venus La Universal helps out in providing the space and tools needed for the vinification.
The vineyard is in the D.O. Montsant, at a height of some 300 m: 1 hectare of sandy soil with 80-year old Carignena and some new Garnacha, farmed organically. Grapes undergo a first selection in the plot, are gathered in 12 kilo boxes and taken to the Venus La Universal winery, where a second selection is made before starting the winemaking process. After de-stemming and 20 days of contact with the skins, the wine goes to second year 300 l French oak casks, where it stays for twelve months.
The 2013 harvest gathered many friends! Photo by Amics del Gobe FB site.

The 2013 harvest gathered many friends! Photo by Amics del Gobe FB site.

Even though Gobe didn’t get to make his own wine, his wine has been made available and if you get to try it, you might experience what a dream and good friendship can achieve. The Amics del Gobe are continuing to honour their friend and the previously limited edition of 1,800 bottels released, I’ve heard, is growing to some 3,000 as well as changing the lable for the new releases. You can also become a friend of the Gobe endeavour, by liking and following the project on their Facebook page. Personally, I can’t imagine a better way to remember a dear friend than putting his vision and dreams in a bottle!
Super Gobe

161 to go!

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