Can Grau Vell, The Lady is a Tramp in D.O Catalunya

226/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Cataluyna – Hostalets de Pierola – Can Grau Vell – Tramp 2011

The Lady is a Tramp…….,


Tramp 2011, 55% Syrah, 25% Garnacha, 10% Monastrell, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Marcelan

Soothing purple cherry colour with a violet rim and thin tears that staines the glass quite well. The nose has a nice intensity of ripe berries and fresh forest, sweet candied berries. Mild refreshing licorice notes, toasted barrel and some balsamic notes that give a lot of freshness on the nose (menthol and hintsof red licorice). It has a growing nose and a bunch of aromas, at times making it hard to decide which way it is going. Pleasant on the palate with fine astringency, good and tasty ripe red fruit running through all the way, good acidity, hints of licorice and candied red berries. Smooth texture, quite sweet, easy to drink and pleasant persistence. Long aftertaste of forest fruits and slightly balsamic. Price vs. quality is outstanding. Is it a Super Catalan? I dare say yes! Simply delicious. This Tramp will seduce you!


How does the name of a wine see daylight? Do you ever reflect about that? Or, is it the design of the label that attracts more than the name? Is the story behind the name known to you? So many questions, so little time. In this case the story behind the name is simply like taken from a movie, with a happy and delicious ending.


Tramp’s story is the story of a dog, making its escape from a family that has been treating the dog so bad, it one day becomes obsessed with running away, to save its life. An opportunity and the pooch is free, not looking back and running as fast and as far as it could. Feeling hungry it finally decides to stop for a rest and meal at a field, quite close to the town of Hostalets of Pierola. There, while filling its stomach with big and ripe bunches of grapes, he meets a man named Jordi who instead of hitting him or yelling at him to leave, he speaks kindly and scratches his head, before inviting him to his home.

imgManager (1)

“I could not believe it! I’m inside a real house, with sofas and a bed to climb into, with the warmth of a fireplace, a kitchen that smells amazing, free to run up and down stairs, rooms, nooks and cronies. Company, both human and that of two new friends, who’s stories were not that different to mine.”


“They looked at me a little askance, as if to say: Watch out boy! We have been here for quite some time, so don’t you come and try to take over! I did not care, I just noticed the chicken leg that was on the plate! I ate and five minutes later I fell asleep” How long did I sleep? “Don’t know, but I woke up recognizing the sweetest of voices, my saviour saying; Tramp, time to get up! I looked around, but I was the only one there, I must have been dreaming as I know my name has always been Dog! He called again, Tramp, come on, out to the vineyards! This time, waving his hand to me! Tramp? Me?”


Jordí, explained it to me. Tramp is English and means bum. “And that’s what I had become, without knowing it. I liked it and waged my tail in thanks. I did not hesitate for a second to accept the position I was given in exchange for staying there at the Can Grau Vell, my new home. From that moment I had to watch the vineyards, defending from intruders” Oh, and did I tell you, I got my own wine!


Jordi Castellví i Agut, the founder and owner of Can Grau Vell, explains. “I have always dreamt of making wine for our restaurants in symmetry with what we understand to be gastronomy. In 2000 I bought Can Grau Vell, in Hostalets de Pierola, at the foot of the Montserrat mountain, and started making my dream come true. Of the 49 hectares, we selected 3 hectares and planted 5 different grape varieties. This small vineyard not only allows us to work traditionally but also with a touch of loving care.”

155 to go!

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