Giró Ribot, Hearts and Bones in D.O. Penedes

270/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Penedes – Sant Fe del Penedes – Giró Ribot – Aikarai 2013

Hearts and Bones……..,

Aikarai 2013

Aikarai 2013, 100% Muscat de Frontignan

Pale, straw color with green reflexes & lime hues, delicate and glyceric tears. On the it is nose bursting with intense aromas of fresh grapes combined with a pleasant fragrance of exotic fruist, white rose petals, jasmine & oriental musk and finally fusing into a citric breeze. Freshness and smoothness, balance and elegance, nice body and texture, very hip with fruit sensations, citrus and peach pit notes, creamy finish with a bitter touch. Structured & elegant with fine flavors of white flowers, peach & citric peels and very subtle notes of coriander spices. Big-boned and mouth filling with a smooth texture, balanced by a long dry finish and zesty acidity. Magnificent aperitif. Matches well with oily fish, mild or creamy style cheeses, like goat cheese with dry fruits and nuts. The handpicked grapes come from low-yielding vines & single plots reserved for the production of the Aikarai. Gentle whole bunch pressing is followed by the sequential wild yeast fermentation in small stainless steel tanks at a very low temperature between 12 -14 ºC for aprox. one month The Aikarai is a young and sexy wine and even though easy to drink, quite complex and with depth.


The Giró Ribot family is closely tied to the Penedés region, particularly with previous generations devoting themselves to producing liqueurs and spirits.

“My grandfather was born into Catalonian family of winegrowers, in a small village of Santa Fe del Penedés, in “La Masía” or farmhouse found in the heart of the Penedés vineyards…
At these times, under the Catalonian law, only the eldest male descendant could become the single heir to the family fortune. If there were no sons in the family, the firstborn daughter, called “Pubilla”, succeed to the heritance.

Unluckily, my grandfather wasn’t the eldest son, so he had to travel far and wide to find his perfect “Pubilla”.
He eventually got married to the unique daughter of renowned family from the neighboring town – Vilanova i la Geltrú, who were the owners of a well-established company of liquors and spirits.

Here continues the story of my dad, who dedicated a great part of his life to the elaboration of gin (the current company – Destilerías MG).
A year before his death, he decided to buy a brandy cellar in the village where our story originated and our roots lie, on the same land where my grandfather was born, in Santa Fe del Penedés…

Some years ago we have decided together with my brother Manuel to transform the brandy cellar into the existing winery and return so to our ancestral winemaking traditions.”

-Maria Rosa Giró

giro-ribot-estate-with-montserrat-mountain-sml The Giró Ribot Cavas are all coupage (blended) sparkling wines, produced mainly from indigenous grape varieties (Macabeo, Xarel.lo, Parellada) along with Chardonnay for their white Cavas and Trepat along with Pinot Noir for Rosé Cavas, all coming from the vineyards surrounding the property. Giró Ribot owns a 100 hectare vineyard with approximately 60 hectare of the most suitable parcels reserved for the production of their Cavas. Approximately 20 hectares of the estate are destined for the production of Giró Ribot white wines. By making wines from their own grapes, they are given rigorous control of the whole winemaking process.

Giro Ribot Masia

The winery is located in Santa Fe del Penedés, in the heart of the Penedés and Cava Region, near Barcelona, Spain. The whole of the D.O. Penedés lies within the geographic region of the D.O. Cava which encompasses an area of around 33,000 hectares. The geographic area of the Penedés enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild winters; moderate summers, annual rainfall between 500 and 600mm and continuous sunshine hours during the ripening period. During the summer predominant sea breezes allow an optimal aeration in our vineyards. The soils in the area provide excellent conditions for grape cultivation. The Giró Ribot vineyards extend in clay loamy limestone soils which enable the right amount of drainage while also holding an adequate amount of water.


114 to go!

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