U Mes U Fan Tres, Emulsified in D.O. Penedes

282/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Penedes – Guardiola de Font-Rubí – U Mes U Fan Tres – Dahlia 2013


dahliaDahlia 2013, 75% Viognier and 25% Xarel.lo

The colour is straw yellow with greenish reflections, clear and bright. This wine is characterized by its deep and elegant nose. Subtle and elegant aromas, rich in nuances, fresh fruit (mango), dried apricots with hints of minerals and stone fruit, apricot, peach and loquat. Dense, soft, warm tropical notes, complex, beautifully balanced, good acidity, long and persistent aftertaste. Wouldn’t mind spending an evening with this wine, some good friends and possibly salad with fresh cheese, prawns or spicy seafood. Works well with Asian cuisine.

Life Is Good

1+1=3 (U Mes U Fan Tres), and yes it is a winery and not a math class, anyway…., the project started about fourteen years ago, although the founders were fully linked to the world of wine ages ago. The 1+1=3 brand name has its origins in the sum of different synergies; the passion for the well done work in the vineyard and for the wine elaboration of the wine maker Josep Piñol; the love of Josep Anton Bonell for the precious fruit which is grown on Penedes land, the coordination of the ageing processes, the bottling and the preparation of the final products, All this together with Carles Esteves prestigious Garraf wine elaboration make these wines and Cavas recognized and sold in USA, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Italy, as well as in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore…
The wines and Cavas from this “project” are getting more and more appreciated in Catalonia as well as in the rest of Spain, but for some reason the foreign markets have sniffed up this wine before the general public around the corner got convinced. More or less all their products are “perfect”. if there’s such a description in the world of wine. The energies which are passed on from Carles, Josep and Josep Anton, make the 1+1=3 team carry on working for the lovers of their wines, which at the same time are the ambassadors of the portfolio.
 The grapes used in this wine are Viognier and Xarel.l, The Viognier which is of unknown origin has been able to adapt itself very well on the highest vineyard of  ‘Can Romeu’; at an altitude of 600 m. This vineyard is known for its scented and fruity wines with stone and tropical aromas. The soil of the  ‘Can Romeu’ vineyard is deep, stony and at the same time fresh. It was planted in 2007 and the growing system used is on trellis; its exposure and orientation is north/west.

The xarel.lo is one of the native grapes and the most emblematic variety of the Penedes area. The grape is known to give  balanced, silky wines with aromatic, fresh and fruity nuances, which usually reminds us of white fruits and is at the same time capable to surprise us with certain touches of tropical fruits. The vineyard of ‘Can Llerda’ was planted in 1956; its soil is deep, fresh with clay loam texture. Traditional growing system; south exposed and east orientated.

logo-grisThey currently produce around 150,000 bottles of Cava and 40,000 bottles of still wine, under the appellation of D.O. Penedès, In addition to these figures they produce some 100,000 bottles of an organic Rosé made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, which is made for the Swedish market. They export 75% of the total production, so for the ones living outside of Catalonia it is probably easier to encounter the wines then for us living here. They have however begun working to penetrate the wine market of Barcelona.

102 to go!

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