Vinos del Paseante, Midnight Rambler in D.O. Montsant

284/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Montsant – Vinos del Paseante – El Pispa 2012

Midnight Rambler………,

el-pispa-2012El Pispa 2012, 100% Garnatxa

Cherry red colour with ruby highlights. Ripe, fruity, mineral touches and well-integrated toasted notes. Easy flowing and gives of a bunch of red fruit aromas, fresh and sweet spice notes from the barrel aging. On the palate it is lively, full of flavour and well-balanced, palate texture is nice and smooth and balanced with a finish of sweet fruit leaving a fresh, fruity aftertaste to be savoured at length.  Grilled red meat, barbecues, stews, jugged hare or rabbit, game, mushrooms, sheep’s cheese, grilled blue fish, salted cod, dried fruit and nuts, sun-dried tomatoes are just some of the foods that would work well with this wine.


Grown on the slopes of the Montsant range in calcareous clay soil, the old goblet-pruned Grenache vines produce full-bodied, complex wines. The Grenache grapes are handpicked
and fermented in small 5,000-litre stainless steel tanks where the close contact of skins and must frees aroma and colour. The wine is then aged in 300-litre French and American oak barrels. In the Montsant region, landscape and wine have gone hand in hand for centuries. From the twelfth century onwards, the Montsant massif was a refuge for hermits who cultivated spirituality. Human activity and respect for the environment have always coexisted here and the Montsant wines faithfully reflect the authenticity of their natural setting.


The cheeky goldfinch grabs a seed and flies off with it in the direction of the oak forest. The impassive rocky massif of Montsant witnesses the scene.This is a land of white stone, thyme and thistles baked by the sun; it is a region of small terraced vineyards cut into the hillsides.The Grenache vines grown here express the vitality and coolness of this steep and beautiful area. This lively wine full of flavour is a perfect balance of ripe fruit, a hint of minerals and well-integrated toasted notes. Montsant for me, constitutes the very best that, not only Catalonia can offer, in terms of wine, but also I believe it is one of the best wine growing areas in the world!

1217Vinos del Paseante is a collection of wines from a choice range of Spanish appellations, each one selected with the aim of revealing the unexpected, seducing and delighting the palate with its distinctive authentic character and precise. Created with all true wine lovers in mind, present and future, Vinos del Paseante is a proposal marked by quality, identity and typicality, in other words, the expression of the specific character of each area. The rambler has reached Montsant and gives us El Pispa, I hope his wine walking days are not over yet! The selection is based on the ideal figure of El Paseante, the rambler, an ever curious and vital figure who travels the world of winemaking to find new emotions and new wines. The fruits of this search are for people like him, with a thirst for knowledge, conscious of the importance of place and of history, and inclined by nature to value pleasure and understanding.


100………, ONLY 100 to go!!!!!!

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