Parxet, You’ve Got Time in D.O. Alella

293/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Alella – Tiana – Bodegas Parxet – Marques de Alella Pansa Blanca 2012

You’ve Got Time………,


Marques de Alella Pansa Blanca 2012, 100% Pansa Blanca

Clear golden color with yellow reflections, very illuminating and visibly dense tears. Intense aromatics that are fruit forward, peache and ripe pineapple, alongside herbal aromatics of aniseed. In addition, there are warm creamy oak aromas that are very elegant. The nose has a touch of minerality, with some slightly saline notes, all of this is very characteristic of the environment of where the grapes were cultivated. This wine is big on the palate, creamy and very well-integrated acidity that is very refreshing. The retronasal effects of the wine leads back to the primary aromas felt on the nose. with its ripe fruit and smoky notes, along a herbaceous background.

An elegant wine that will make you want to open another bottle, due to its aromatic and flavor complexity.

What I miss, at times, is the possibility to multiply into two or three, so that I could cover more ground and be at several places at the same time! I wonder why they (Egyptians and Babylonians) decided we should have only 24 hours in a day? Does not work for me! So, probably have to do something about it. Sleep less? Spend fewer minutes in the bathroom? Stop writing the blog? Nope, not an option! I have way to much fun doing just that! Some people don’t believe time truly exists. They maintain that at the most fundamental realm of human reality, the universal concept becomes defunct. Now; it’s all very well to have a theory and everything, but as the ten or so wines have to be tasted and that takes some time, I say…. those scientific types are a bunch of crazy bastards.



Whit food like this, during days like these, I actually like to cut through the wine with some beer!

Whit food like this, during days like these, I actually like to cut through the wine with some beer!

The D.O. Alella has a Mediterranean climate, with less than 600mm of rainfall per year and an average annual temperature of 15°C. Nonetheless, each vineyard is influenced by the microclimates of the area, where variables such as altitude, differing slopes, proximity to wooded areas, prevailing winds etc, can alter the characteristics of the grapes. The Alella region is formed by a great mass of granite. The soils are generally poor in nutrients, with low water retention and a moderate pH. It’s texture is variable: from the rough sandy sauló on the maritime side of the area, to the sandy clays on the inland plain.


The Bodegas Parxet company has around 200 hectares of vineyards in the districts of Sta. Maria de Martorelles, Montornès del Vallès, Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Alella and la Roca del Vallès. The varieties planted are principally Pansa Blanca. They also have Macabeu and Parellada, all three of which have a medium to long vegetative cycle. Introduced varieties – with excellent results – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which both have a shorter cycle.


The vineyards are planted at a density of 3.700 vines per Hectare with 2,2 m between rows and 1.2m between the vines. This creates competition between the plants and enables, together with the trellising, to achieve a high leaf canopy area (1,4 m2). The rows are planted from North to South, and where possible on flat land. Whilst the older vineyards are still in Gobelet (bush-vine) form, the newer plantations are all trellised using the Cordon de royat system. The vines are pruned short, leaving 4 spurs with 2 shoots each to achieve the ideal balance of vigor and production.


Different types of grass are sowed between the rows to limit the vigour and production and improve the qualitative potential of the vines forcing their roots deeper. This also facilitates mechanisation and minimizes erosion on the steeper slopes. In the vineyards they apply a reasoned approach to phytosanitary protection, requiring a deep knowledge of the habitat and the biological cycle of plagues and parasites as well as the climatic characteristics of the area.


91 to go!


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