Eudald Massana Noya, Bubble Toes D.O. Cava

295/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Cava – Sant Pau d’Ordal – Eudald Massana Noya – Mil.lenni Brut Nature

Bubble Toes…….,


small_milenium_cava_penedes_webMil.lenni Brut Nature, Chardonnay, Macabeo, Old Vines Xarel.lo 

Small and persistent bubbles. Intense golden yellow color, bright. Medium-high intensity, where complex fragrance notes of candied white fruit mingle with hints of toasty bottle aging, nuts and butter, all under a soft, floral bed. Notes of aging with aromas of red plums and jam, subtle smell of citrus contributing with a touch of freshness. Well balanced in the mouth, sublime in the mouth which ripe apples and almond cream tart. creamy with persistent passage through the mouth, and a dry and elegant aftertaste.


This is the story of nine generations of the same family devoted in body and soul to their vineyards. They are farmers who have always worked the land. Since the beginning of the eighteenth century, according to manuscripts kept in the Monastery of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs, where landowners paid their taxes, the Massana family has been linked to the farming of Mediterranean crops on one way or another: grapes, wheat, peaches and other fruits, all on their estate.



Eudald’s grandfather Josep Massana Carbó, and his father Antoni Massana Ràfols, were recognised for their contribution to the wine world and received different awards and merits for their lifetime achievements. This is a story which is shaped by the entrepreneurship of the Massana family, and which has been consolidated by a new generation through Eudald, who started a new winemaking project with the help of his parents. Today, this project has become a working wine estate and company with its own distinctive identity.  From a very tender age, Eudald Massana dreamed about making wine, bottling it and striving for it to be the very best. By following in the footsteps of nine generations, that dream has now become a reality and as Eudald explains in his own words, managing the winery is “a commitment and a source of pride”.


The farmhouse has been around for the last 300 years according to documents uncovered recently. The house where the cellar now stands has a long history. Just like many other Catalonian households, villages and cities, el Maset has been home to many generations since it was first built. A lot happens in 300 years. In 1946, a windmill was installed to generate electricity and the first radio was purchased. In 1950, the first tractor arrived on the estate and years later, a truck was bought so that the family could deliver their wines in and around Barcelona. In 1963, municipal electricity reached the estate and the family bought their first car.

Houses are places which store countless memories of the people who have lived there. Eudald was born there and has spent his entire life there, and this is extremely important for understanding just how much Eudald loves this house and the estate. He himself says that “the energy that you put into the house comes through in the Cavas and wines, because they reflect your experiences and memories”.


“The land that has witnessed my birth into this world and seen me grow up is the same land which has cradled these vineyards laden with grapes ripened by the Mediterranean breeze and sunshine. It is this land, and no other, that is a part of me. I feel incredibly lucky because it is here, on this land, that my ancestors delight me every day with the wisdom and knowledge that they have passed down. They guide my hands and my spirit whilst I work with the best fruits that this land has to offer. With every day that goes by, I am more and more aware of the great pleasure that I derive from my work here. It is then that I realise that I am part of this land, and that this land has no end and no beginning”. Eduald Massana Noya


During the summers of the 1960s and 1970s, the farmhouse was full of visiting relatives who lived further afield: aunts, cousins and friends. There were always children running around the estate, getting into some form of mischief or other. Like the famous egg fight which broke out! You can just imagine what the adults must have thought seeing as the kids had been told to collect eggs from the chicken coup. Another funny episode was when they would drink wine straight from the barrel. There was always one kid who made out that he was drinking when he really wasn’t, but the other kids weren’t so clever and wound up getting drunk. During the harvest, the workers would all have lunch in the vineyards and would bring their own food and a small barrel of their wine. The kids would hide the wine much to the rage of the workers, and you can imagine how they would get chased up and down the vineyards. 

89 to go!


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