Rosa Maria Torres, One on One in D.O. Conca de Barbera

369/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Conca de Barbera – Sarral – Rosa Maria Torres – Susel Rosé 2009

One on One……..,

Susel 2009Susel Rosé 2009, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Bright red onion peel color, leaning towards light cherry. A very elegant aroma of ripe red berries, strawberry and raspberry. Some candied fruit, dried flowers and touches of herbs, some currant. Light entry, tasty, great acidity in the mouth. It is round, intense and to be very honest, as my preferred wines are certainly not rosés, this one is amazing. Long aftertaste which is slightly spicy. Probably one of the best rosés tried this side of Christmas! The fermentation is done at a temperature between 14 and 16ºC, after soaking with the grape skins in order to preserve the bouquet. This wine spent a short period resting on its lees. This wine is excellent with pasta dishes, vegetables and salads. The perfect temperature for this wine is: 6-8ºC. Lovely, not only as a summer wine, this can stand most seasons and most wine loving moments.

Logo_seccionatThe documentation about the origin of Villa of the Sarral, takes us to the XII century, and it is known that the name of the village at the time was Saluc. The wine was imported by monks of the locality of Poblet, from the convents that the Cister monks used to have in France. Sarral is located in the tour guide of the Ruta dels Cisters. From the wine cellar, you can visit three monasteries which are very close. The Villa Ducal Montblanc is also located in the vicinity, which has a rich historical past.

rc91The region is full of vineyards, modernist cellars and a variety of picturesque villages, that are interesting to visit, as: Conesa, Fores, Barbera de la Conca, etc. Those villages are very rich in history related to the country and its people. Both in Montblanc and Poblet, you can visit the Tourism Office, where you will find all the information to have a pleasant day of tourism and enjoy the best gastronomy of La Conca de Barbera.

PADDOCK_RUTA_la-ruta-del-cister16 to go!

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