Catalan Wine 365 in a nutshell, Dettagli!

Catalan Wine 365 in a nutshell!


Wine lovers around the globe,

from birth, or just almost, I have been subjected to the wonderful world of wine! My origin, through my parents, is Croatian and in that part of the world, you are introduced to wine early. Good wine? Well I guess that depends on what you consider good! You have to experience bad wines to know what a good wine tastes like.

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I have been in the hospitality industry all my life and been privileged and in touch with great wines (and some bad) over the course of many years. Call it a work bonus if you wish or a conscious choice. After many years of managing and opening hotels, mainly in Africa but also in Sweden and the UK, I am now running my own wine tours business together with my wife. All this in the most beautiful part of the world, Catalonia! The past 4 years we have been living and working from our home in Llorenc del Penedes, with the vine just around the corner. You could say we live in the heart of the wine making area of D.O. Penedes.

Photo by DOQ Concepts

Combining a passion and love for wine with the opportunity to show it to like minded wine lovers and making a living from it at the same time, is something I wouldn’t change for all the pizza in the world. I started this blog with the aim of providing information about the wines and D.O:s of Catalonia, giving advice on the cellars, hotels, restaurants etc. To start with my goal is to write about one winery and one wine a day during 2014. Ambitious? Well, I’ll certainly give it a try!

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Parts of our work is also to connect wine importers with wineries throughout Catalonia. SweetEasy Lifestyle and Wine Tours is covering all the D.O:s of Catalonia and we focus on small wineries of the beaten track. Personalized and intimate visits with the winemaker/owner is a must! Bespoke travel and very rarely we take groups larger than 8 guests.

Photo by DOQ Concepts

Three years ago we started a wine club for Swedes living in Barcelona and now we meet at least once a month for tastings and education. The club is a subsection of a Swedish wine club called Munskankarna, currently the largest non-profit wine club in the world, with more than 24,000 members.

SweetEasy Lifestyle

For all wine lovers out there. If you have any questions or need any advice when it come to Catalonia and its wines, wine travel and tours, you are more than welcome to contact me!

Photo by DOQ Concepts

Happy wine loving days/Catalan Wine 365 and SweetEasy Wine Tours

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