Oops Upside Your Head, Cava and 12 grapes!

427/365 – Catalonia – Happy New Year – Time for Cava & Grapes – Kripta Cava Gran Reserva 2007

Oops Upside Your Head……,


I don’t know how you celebrate New Years Eve but for me the choice is easy. One of my favorite Cavas is going to flow, the Cava which made me understand that there’s more to Catalan Cava than the mass produced bubbly sold cheap all over the world! Tonight a minute before midnight, I am celebrating what has been and christening the New Year with yet another bottle of Kripta. It was only four and half years ago I got to try it the fist time and since then it has been a returning companion and always present in my wine cellar. I would  also like to introduce you to the tradition of 12 grapes. In Spain, Portugal, and South America people celebrate new year’s eve with Cava and 12 grapes. By midnight, each time the clock chimes, you have to put a grape in your mouth – and eat it. By the time the clock has finished chiming, you have to have finished your grapes! It’s said eating all 12 grapes for new Year’s Eve will bring you luck and happiness for the new year! Make sure the grapes you are about to eat are not too big!Eating-12-Grapes

With this I wish all of you a wonderful New Years Eve and a fantastic 2015 with, hopefully, many great wines and lots of laughter with good friends. I also hope to see you here in Catalonia so that we might be able to share a glass or two together. HAPPY NEW YEAR and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG!


Kripta Cava Gran Reserva 2007, 45% Macabeo, 20% Xarel•lo and 35% Parellada

Straw yellow with golden reflections. Elegant, fine and persistent bubbles. Intense, clean and honest. Nose of good intensity with very refreshing initial citrus notes (lemon peel) accompanied by ripe white fruit (sweet pear), hints of apricots, fresh herbal notes of thyme and lavender, milk and fine yeast, with memories of fine pastries, candied fruit and pine nuts and a light floral background. The silkiness is enhanced by the foam which transmits a background of vanilla, ripe fruit and light toast. Long and complex aftertaste, as the aromas of the nose and mouth are repeated, emphasizing vanilla, butter and toast as a legacy of its long aging. Happy Days, Lovely Days and frequently repeated! A Cava with body and soul that goes Oooops Upside Your Head! Happy New Year my wine loving friends!

Then there was none! And that’s how you write a blog  about Catalan Wine during 365 days, consecutive!

Catalan Wine 365 and SweetEasy Wine Tours

5 thoughts on “Oops Upside Your Head, Cava and 12 grapes!

  1. Congratulation to your great achivement to blog the whole year. We are realy impressed!
    Thousands hugs to our fantastic son in law.
    Ma and Pa

    • Hello Morten! Thank you for your comment! In 2013 I decided I’d write about Catalan wines during 365 days in 2014 and that I have done. Currently I am working with my wine tours business in Catalonia, SweetEasy Wine Tours and with a number of wine cellars and wine fairs, helping them with promotion etc. CatalanWine365 will get new posts from time to time and I am thinking of posting short videos, tasting and introducing wines from…………, Catalonia, off course!!! Stay well and thanks for reading!

  2. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I’m already a great fan of La Terra Alta region. I lived there for two years and still have a home there, in Gandesa. The produce that comes out of this region, the wine and the olive oil is very good quality and the region is beautiful and unspoilt. La Terra Alta really deserve more recognition for their produce and should not be in the shadow of El Priorat. This is a great place to travel, sample the produce or invest in business/property. I don’t want to sound patronising but I have felt for a long time that in La Terra Alta the locals need to step up and attract more international tourism and business. It seems that this is starting to happen and your business can only help. They have it all but in terms of wine and also gastronomy it’s about being more creative and marketing your products to international tastes. Gandesa is the capital of La Terra Alta and it really needs a good boutique style hotel with some English speakers to attract visitors, including people coming for wine tours.

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