Grup Oliveda, One Way or Another in D.O. Cava

Last year this day! 🙂

Catalan wine in a nutshell!

140/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Cava – Capmany – Grup Oliveda – Gran Rigau Brut Nature Chardonnay

One way or another,

……, I’m gonna find you I’m gonna get you. Maybe next week I’m gonna meet you! I am ready and available, so if you by any chance pass by, let me know, let’s share a glass or two. The weather is just perfect, the wine is always good and the food is what ever we choose it to be? But one thin is sure, we will be starting with a glass of Cava, maybe even a bottle from Oliveda will be opened. Remains to be seen! One way or another…..

blondie one wayy or

According to the lintel stone over the entrance of Oliveda’s oldest winery, wine production on the estate dates back to 1764, although at that time it was only for family consumption. In 1948, Josep Oliveda Casanovas and his wife, Joana Rigau…

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