Camins del Priorat, For What It’s Worth in DOQ Priorat

And this would deb last years entry on this very day! Happy wine loving days!

Catalan wine in a nutshell!

152/365 – Catalonia – DOQ Priorat – Gratallops – Alvaro Palacio – Camins del Priorat 2007

For What It’s Worth…..

….., There’s somethin’ happenin’ here. What it is ain’t exactly clear….., well…., not true actually. It is quite clear what’s going on in the Priorat! It is a clear example of a unique wine making area in the world, which to 99% produces excellent wines! Do I sometimes get fed up with heavy, powerful, rich, well made wines from this piece of heaven. Yes, I do! It is just the way it is, even I need a lighter wine sometimes, but not tonight! Enjoy!


Founded in 1989 in the town of Gratallops, Alvaro Palacios winery has 25 hectares of vineyards on slopes (costers) and slate terraces, located between 250 and 600 meters above sea level and planted with the varieties Garnacha and Samsó (Carignena, Carignan), Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. The annual production is…

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