Celler Mas d’en Canonge, I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow, D.O. Montsant

20/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Montsant – Marçà – Celler Mas d’en Canonge – Ressons Clot de la Vella 2009

I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow….

… but only if I don’t get to drink wine like Ressons, otherwise I am pretty much a man of constant joy! Going to Montsant, I’m wondering how many new wineries will pop up during this decade? The transformation of Priorat was extreme and there are indications that some, less fortunate (or not so knowledgeable), are selling their cellars.


Making great wine is one thing, selling it is altogether another dimension. Failing to understand that it is not about what you know but rather who you know! Montsant is still expanding, both in number of wineries and vineyards. Make sure you try at least one wine from Montsant during the week to come!

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Mas d’en Canonge was established in 2006. In terms of wine, that’s yesterday! Its owner, Salvador Alceda, comes from a family dedicated to the world of hospitality. It was not until he bought a farm in the town of Marçá, planted with old vines, that he saw the possibility of making his own wine. The promised land and perfect grapes, with a favorable setting. How hard could it be?


He lacked the expert hands and started realizing that it wouldn’t be as easy as….., favorable conditions = great wine (that sells)! Right place at the right time, call it timing, faith or just good luck … and football!


Fairly quickly he got to have a casual meeting with Toni Alcover (one of the best winemakers in Priorat), during a football match, as both their children play ball. The understanding was immediate and soon the first, 2007 vintage, was bottled.


The project continues to move forward with the enthusiasm and effort of the entire team, and Mas d’en Canonge now has fully equipped new facilities, to carry out the entire production process, ending with labeling and storage. Having tried several of their wines, confidently I can say that this is a winery to watch!


Ressons Clot de la Vella 2009, Garnacha 100% (from old vines). 12 Months in new 400 l. French oak barrels.

The young queen of the winery, full of personality. The character is apparent immediately after uncorking but after some time and aeration, its complexity soon comes to life. Primary aromas are oaky and leathery, lovers of Bordeaux wines will enjoy this immensely. It is a intense wine, full of flavors of ripened black fruit, resinous touches and very powerful. It transmits the power of those old Garnacha vines, being well balanced, sweet and smooth. On the palate, ripe fruit, black fruit, a wine with volume and body, sweet, balanced, enjoyable. A wine that keeps on giving!

348 to go!