Cava Berdie, Carnival Time in D.O. Cava

72/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Penedes – Cava Berdie – Fetish

Carnival Time!……..

Whoopdeedoo…. in Sitges! Wonder where I’m going spend the coming weekend? Sitges and Carnival it is, drinking Fetish! This event is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime! Wonderful passion and vibrant energy coming out of my feet!


For over a century, Sitges has been celebrating nonstop — between the months of February and March, according to the liturgical calendar — Carnestoltes, or Carnival.


The festivities begin on Dijous Gras (in New Orleans they call it the Mardi Gras), or Fat Thursday, with the arribo, King Carnestoltes’ spectacular arrival. From the moment this character appears until the burial of the sardine — late afternoon on Ash Wednesday — you could well say that life in Sitges moves to a new beat.

Folk dances and xatonades (traditional local salad served with assorted omelets) are also characteristic carnival elements. The two most important moments are the Rua de la Disbauxa, or the Debauchery Parade, on Sunday night and the Rua de l’Extermini, or Extermination Parade, on Tuesday night. Some forty-odd floats with more than 2,000 participants fill Sitges.


The event is celebrated throughout Spain and indeed, the world. It marks the last chance to let your hair down and get up to mischief before the forty days of Lent begin.


Largely due to Sitges’ reputation as one of the gay capitals of Europe, the town takes pride in throwing one of the largest and most spectacular parties in Spain – one that lasts a whole week! Each year the dates vary, as the festivities must always begin on a Thursday.


 Now if I were writing about cocktails, there would have to be a mention of the Mojito as the preferred Carnival party drink, but I’ll exchange that notion for something more elaborate. Cava, which is suitable for any celebratory occasion! Viva la Cava and hope to run into you at the Carnival parades!
In making the Fetish only two grape varieties are being used, the Monastrell and the Garnacha. Each of which are vinified separately at controlled temperatures, before carrying out the coupage, the right proportions are blended, in order to achieve the special touch of this Cava.
The second fermentation is carried out in the bottle, providing the bubbles (pris de mousse) and is done according to the traditional method. The Fetish is then aged for a minimum of 15 months.
Cava Fetish, Monastrell & Garnacha
Intense pink with nuances of red cherry color. Powerful nose with aromas of forrest fruits as primaries. Blackberries, raspberries, bilberries. Hints of cherry and plum, followed by licorice, some yeast and aromatic herbs. In the mouth it is fresh and creamy, mature, well structured. Nice acidity and medium long aftertaste. Yupp, this one we can go on drinking throughout the Carnival. It’s only for a week! Now, if you’d excuse me, I’ve got a Carnival to attend!

309 to go!