Dosterras, It’s All About That Bass in D.O. Montsant

327/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Montsant – Marça – Celler Dosterras – Dosterras 2009

It’s All About That Bass.……,

dosterras-2009_10002853Dosterras 2009, 100% Garnacha Negra (Red Grenache)

You might think that, if it’s all about the bass, it could be boring and deafening, without depth and essence. If Garnacha is the bass and let’s say Carignena (which is the usual companion in a blend in the Montsant region) is the treble, which should constitute the perfect mix….., but you know what? If you know how to play the bass (forward to 2:24), you might end up with a wine like the Dosterras! This is not a size 2, this is a size 10! Deep cherry red colour with bluish/violet rim. Bright and clean with medium-high layer. Refined and stylish tears. Quite overwhelming aromas, loads of intensity and concentration of fruit. But it is not a four string instrument, it has so much more. First impressions are those of red and black fruit, mature and jammy, followed by some floral notes, spices and licorice. After a while there’s a sensation of well integrated, some menthol and coffee.  A velvety feel in the mouth, large and full bodied, fruity and slightly mineral follow through. Great acidity, fresh and elegant. The tannins are not to noticeable, well hidden but carries the wine through a long journey in the mouth. All that is left is the lingering feeling of mature fruit and the bass! A great example of what can be done with high quality Garnacha grapes! Well done!
This wine is produced using grapes from 100 years old Garnacha vines from several very small plots. The yield in 2009 was minimal, in average half a kilo per vine, but that was what the wine maker wanted, high concentration! The grapes were manually harvested in small boxes in the early hours of the day. The winemaking is done plot by plot and according to how the grapes ripened. The wine was fermented with indigenous yeast in French oak barrels. After a long maceration and a light pressing, the blend was made and the wine put into 500 l. French oak barrels from different coopers, where it was left to age for 17 months. This wine was bottled in June 2009 and and released on the market in late September the same year. The Dosterras 2009 is a well produced, very elegant wine and one of the most expressive Garnacha mono-varietal wines of the region.


Celler Dosterras, From Dawn to Dusk in D.O. Montsant

298/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Montsant – Marça – Vertical Wines/Celler Dosterras – Vespres 2007

From Dawn to Dusk.……,



Vespres 2007, 80% Garnacha and 20% Merlot

Dark red, quite opaque with dense tears. Great volume of very fruity aromas in the nose. A range of black and red berries, not overly sweet. Additional notes of spices and cocoa adds depth and a wide aromatic dimension. The toffes appear over time. In the mouth it is elegant and tasty, with extraordinary finesse and long aftertaste. With a spectacular step, pleasant, harmonious and it expands on the palate. Full of smoothness and structure. To be fully enjoyed and appreciated from dawn too dusk!

The Garnacha grapes used to make Vespres come from vines between 40 and 100 years of age. The harvest is manual and collected in crates of maximum 10 kg. Alcoholic fermentation and maceration takes place in stainless steel tanks for a period of 10 to 20 days. The malolactic fermentation takes place in barrels. Aging is between 9 and 11 months in barrels of 225 liters and 300 liters. It is a tribute to the Carthusian monks, that used to cultivate vineyards in this area. Everyday at sunset or at 18:45 they would pray the prayer called “Vespers”, after which they could access the daily single glass of wine.

La Sierra de Montsant, The Montsant Mountain Range, makes sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed as it casts evening shadows over a landscape steeped in historic intrigue.  But it is so much more than a provider of shadows and shade, it is highly necessary for the special microclimate that both the DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant enjoy. This mountainous ridge has given shape to a legendary wine region and birthed some of the worlds most distinguished expressions of terroir for the indigenous grapes Garnaxta, Garnacha (Grenache) and Samso, Carignena (Carignan).

Vespres, Catalan for dusk, speaks from its origins. A rugged terrain where ascetic culture has struggled for a life woven with time and ’biodynamic’ principle. In vespers, ‘evening prayers’, earth’s life giving force was reflected in a cup of vi negre, ‘black wine.’ Symbolized with a grape cluster formed in light of 13 moons, Cellar Dosterras winemaker, Josep Grau gives a nod to the ‘natural order.’ His deft touch for balance allows just enough oak to serve up plenty of rich fruit from a prized small plot collection of old vines.


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