Celler Les Cousins, Chameleon in DOQ Priorat

261/365 – Catalonia – DOQ Priorat – Porrera – Celler Les Cousins – L´Inconscient Tinto Crianza 2008



L´Inconscient Tinto Crianza 2008, 30% Carinyena, 25% Garnatxa, 20% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 15% Merlot and 10% Syrah, all from the village of Porrera!

This wine is intense, both in its red colour and the taste itself! Various aromatic sensations because of the blend, slightly mature ripe fruit tones with the integration of real good ageing. The winery wants to symbolize freshness, youth, but at the same time demonstrate good product preparation. Initially it feels very balanced, a very well made wine, serious and funny at the same time, lively and fresh. The two cousins, Marc and Adria Perez, understood perfectly what the wine drinking world needs, is not another HEAVY Priorat, but rather a easy going, lightweight with a personality. All this without losing the Priorat personality, well done! A red wine with a deep flavour, with soft tannins, but accurate. The power comes from the native Carinyena and Garnatxa, adding the 45% of CabSauv, Merlot and Syrah, gives a breath of freshness and fruitiness, excellent to drink every day without starting to think about other wines! I like this one a lot………, like I haven’t said that before about other wines! All that remains is to visit the cellar next time I’m in Porrera! Happy Days!

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