Mas Garcia Muret, Misty in D.O. Costers del Segre

263/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Costers del Segre – Llimiana – Mas Garcia Muret – Muriac 2011



Muriac 2011, Syrah

Dark, opaque red colour, ink is the word.  A very aromatic nose, not to overwhelming on the vanilla, more like infused and accurate vanilla notes. Toasted nuts. Way too easy to drink and if I had more patience with wine, I should have saved this one for a few more hours, not to say, that I should have opened it in a few years and not today. I have to say that it is beautifully polished and extends its strength as a liquid showing of delicately creamy and tasty flavours. There is an interesting contrast between the creamy notes, perhaps dairy and powerful tannins. There’s also fruit, loads of fruit, such as fruit juice and ripe raspberries, smooth and pleasant. I have to get a few more bottles, put them in the cellar and forget they exist!


Muriac means Bat in the Pallares dialec. I am certain that Batman drinks wine, and most likely this one! The name was given to this Syrah wine to honour the way in which it reflects the intensity and character of the land of the Pallars. The grapes were harvested by hand and transported in small boxes to the winery for processing, preserving the integrity of the fruit. The ageing is done in stainless steel tanks, temperature controlled during ten days, further ageing in French and American oak for 12 months.

Mas Garcia Muret11

The winery Mas Garcia Muret is located on the family premises of Doctor José Luis García Ubis, its founder. The house is located in the municipality of Llimiana, near the Terradets water reservoir, in the county of Pallars Jussà, a unique and characteristic part of the country. Dr. José Luis was born in la Rioja, a land with a strong wine-making tradition, so this winery fulfills his dream of having his own wine brand. What at first was a hobby, in just a few years has become a first class wine cellar surrounded by 70 hectares of land, from which 19 are planted with vineyards and the rest are full of almond and olive trees and cereals. The winery runs the production of high quality wines. When the grapes have reached its peak of ripeness they are manually harvested and quickly transported to the winery, where they are processed in the best way for each type of grape, thus creating a perfect bond between modernity and tradition in a house built in 1756.

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