Mas Sersal, Soul Station in D.O. Montsant

242/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Montsant – Falset – Mas Sersal – Estones 2010

Soul Station……..,


Estones 2010, Garnatxa (Grenache) and Samsó (Carignan)

Cherry colour with scarlet edges, tinted tears. Complex nose, needs a good oxygenation to show its full potential. Fruit stands out. Very fresh in many aspects, strawberry, blackberry and plum, slightly balsamic and spicy, with a background of licorice. Marked mineral notes. Soft attack with fresh acidity and well balanced. Ripe tannins, sweet and meaty. Long and persistent aftertaste,  the minerality is emphasized in a very elegant way!


As in many cases, it is pure passion that drives wine making projects. I guess that is the same in the whole world. Very few, I imagine, are making wine for the pure business aspect of it. In the year 2008, two enterprising guys with an extensive experience in the wine industry and passionate about their respective professions, the winemaker Salvi Moliner and the sommelier Sergi Montalà, launched a project and created this winery in the Priorat region in order to produce wines reflecting their own styles and at the same time carrying the trademarks and terroir of the D.O. Montsant.


The Priorat has different grape varieties, some introduced in recent years and other that are very old and traditional which have been cultivated for a long time. In the case of Mas Sersal, from the moment they launched their project, it was decided that they would produce wines with traditional grapes from this land, Carignan and Grenache. In a country estate measuring ten acres and located in the surrounding area of Falset, they found the Grenache vineyards, and from and old vineyard in the municipality of Guiamets, they obtain the Carignan, these are the wines of Mas Sersal.


With these two varieties and after an elaborate blend of the wines that have aged thirteen months on French and American oak, from first and second year, they bottled the first and second vintage, Secret 2008 and Estones 2009. In these wines they are looking for balance, dominance and expressiveness of the fruit over the wood, in order to obtain a genuine result, typically and distinctively Montsant with a strong personal trademark at the same time.


The wines of Mas Sersal are the result and the combination of an exceptional raw material, excellent quality grapes harvested by hand and placed in boxes, and the personality of the winemaker Salvi Moliner. This is the reason which allows them to say that their wines, Vins de Mas Sersal, are unique and true to Montsant. All wines are elaborated in the warehouse located in the industrial area Sort dels Capellans, Falset, and the warehouse is popularly known as Bauhaus.


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