Celler Pardas, Somethin Else in D.O. Penedes

252/365 – Catalonia –D.O. Penedes – Torrelavit – Celler Pardas – Rupestris Blanc 2012

Somethin Else…….,


Rupestris Blanc 2012, 81% Xarel.lo, 6% Xarel.lo Vermell and 13% Malvasia de Sitges

Intense colour with a lot of depth. The primaries give of citrus fruit. After a while the secondary shows mature pear, pear milkshake and ripe melon. Quince and soft hazelnut .A feeling of dawn in a Mediterranean landscape with aromas of: Lavender, weaver’s broom and dried cuttings. Beyond the fruit, there’s  minerality of the soil in which the vines have been thriving. Quite a lot of flint stone. Fresh and fruity passage through the mouth. Glyceric, ample and franc in the mouth. With character. The fruit: pears, apricots and peaches overlay a marked acidic background and provide an excellent tension across the palate which carries over the depth of the fruit towards an electric fresh and slightly bitter aftertaste. Ideal to accompany seafood: mussels, shellfish, Dublin bay prawns as well as grilled and baked fish.


Rupestris evokes the strength of the rock, the purity of the earth, something primitive, rustic, wild, ancient and authentic. The vineyards of traditional white varieties grown on the estate are planted on the hillsides of the Can Comas estate, which is covered in limestone. Vines that are rooted in the bedrock, the petrocalcic or tapasot. During the summer days, these ancient and shallow soils, suffered a lot to get water and the minerals they needed. All this effort and the enthusiasm of the Celler Pardas team is what they want to convey. Tenderness in every bottle of wine!

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