Sumoll, Take Your Time in D.O. Penedes

202/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Penedes – Font-Rubi – Heretat Mont Rubi – Gaintus 2010

Take Your Time…….,

GAintus 2010

Gaintus 2010, 100% Sumoll

Named after a path for climbing, located in the Pyrenees. Gaintus is a tribute to Heretat Montrubi’s passion for innovation.Innovation translated into the recovery, the investigation and further elaboration of the Sumoll variety, an almost extinct Mediterranean grape, of which only 100 hectares (250 acres) are still being cultivated in Catalonia.

Gaintus is a complex and lively wine and it will take your time, in order to discover and enjoy it to its fullest! The colour is intense ruby red with dense tears. The aroma is primarily balsamic, framed by cherry and toasted notes. In the mouth it is a tasty, mature and tender wine, quite silky. The acidity is very lively and now it is clear that the nose of the cherry transmits the acidity of the wine very well, bringing freshness, balsamic and mineral that is very pleasing.  Make sure you Take Your Time and discover the Sumoll wines!


The Sumoll is a red grape variety (dark colour skin, almost black), although there is also a white strain. It is a rustic variety, native from the Penedès region in Catalonia, drought resistant and with uniform development. The grape is long and big. It is used to produce red, white, rosé wines and Cava. Its former presence is also evident in the number of different names in Catalan dialects: sumoi, chimoi, saumoll, somoi, sumoy, ximoll, somoll, ximoy, xemoll, among others. Wines made of Sumoll have good acidity with a bitter finish that fades slowly. In order to produce high quality wines with the Sumoll varietal, the harvest is done late when the grape has reached optimal ripening. The aroma of Sumoll has notes of raspberries, black fruits such as blackberries, cocoa and an earthiness.


The name is related to the local slang term sumollar, which means maturing or withering, from the Latin verb submolliare. Young wine from the Sumoll grape has a slight roughness that disappears with aging. Its production is low and treatment for achieving quality wines requires high skills in wine production. Before and after phylloxera, the Sumoll was a variety of black grape widely grown throughout Catalonia. The entrance into the European Union in 1986 accelerated discredit of local varieties, which were not considered able to make good & competitive wines. It has been replaced by other varieties and nowadays its culture is rare, with less than one hundred hectares planted (247 acres). This trend has changed during the last years. Wine growers are starting to recover and appreciate this variety, as they see an opportunity to create original wines that differentiate themselves by creating their own specialties, gaining a distance from the big industrial companies using only the stocks of international ubiquitous fashionable types, like Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay.

Sumoll dry

The Sumoll is one of the varieties referred by the following D.O.s (appelations in Catalonia) D.O. Catalunya, D.O. Pla de Bages, D.O. Tarragona. In Australia four hybrid varieties have been created from Cabernet Sauvignon and Sumoll: Cienna, Vermillion, Rubienne, and Tyrian. The purpose of this crossing is to adapt Sumoll qualities to suit the Australian climate.

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