Vins Padró, Turn me on in D.O. Tarragona

147/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Tarragona – Brafim – Vins Padró – Ipsis 2012

Turn me on……

The winery was founded in 1898 by the brothers, Joan and Daniel Padró Valldosera, though old documents which have been unearthed prove that wine had certainly been grown here for a long time before that. The history of Vins Padró spans five generations, through which the work and dedication of their ancestors has survived and continues to this day. Now the new generation is in charge of contributing its knowledge and applying it to making wine and the cultivating the vines.


Over the yeas they have managed to improve and adapt the existing facilities, adding the latest wine making technology to produce high-quality wines. Ageing takes place in American and French oak casks. Since 1960 they have been bottling the wines in a plant set up at their own winery. Crianza wines are made with the grapes obtained from the oldest vines. The cellar contains some 650 barrels of American and French oak.


The geographical area where the winery and vineyards are located is within the D.O. of Tarragon. This is the oldest wine denomination in Catalonia. Its wines were prized as far back as Roman times, when they were exported to Rome and all the major settlements of the Empire. In 1932 it was given a statute to protect its wine, and in 1976 the present denomination was set up.


The white grape varieties cultivated here include Macabeo, Muscat, Parellada and Xarel.lo. From these grapes the white wines are made – these varieties provide freshness, acidity, balance and fruity aromas. Varieties such as Chardonnay have been included to diversify the range and the style of the wines according to the demand of new markets. This is also the case of Sauvignon Blanc, which provides wines with a touch of elegance.


The red grapes include the Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo), which is the predominant variety here. It gives light, fruity wines, both red and rosé. Merlot has gradually been introduced to new wines to bring them finesse and aromatic nuances. The result of its vinification is wines with strong color and texture, ideal for aging in oak barrels.


Ipsis 2012, Tempranillo/Merlot

Intense deep red color. Strong and complex on the nose with traits of eucalyptus and mint, with hints of spices like pepper. Very tasty in the mouth, surprisingly structured, balanced and rich in tones. Its taste is long and persistent with fruity notes. Certainly works well with lamb, as that was the chosen food during the tasting, but also white meats and cured cheeses. Decent wine for decent dime.

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