Jane Ventura, Wine and Cava around the corner. Do, Re, Mi……

This is what I wrote on the 4th of January 2014 and it still stands! 🙂 Jane Ventura makes the DO, a great Cava!

Catalan wine in a nutshell!

5/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Cava from Penedes – El Vendrell/Mas Vilella – Cava Do de Jane Ventura, Gran Reserva Vintage 2008



Apparently it is with some difficulty one tries to decide to visit the wineries in the vicinity. So many great producers just around the corner from where we live and yet, most of the time we go to Priorat, Montsant, Terra Alta and so on. Living in Penedes means there are choices and choices when it comes to wine and Cava producers. As you will discover with time, I am going to cover all the DO:s of Catalonia and hopefully it is going to be 12 DO:s, 365 wines and Cavas during 2014. I will be writing about D.O. Penedes several times, this is just the first in a row of many. First out is Jane Ventura and out of all their wines and Cavas I…

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Bodegas Parxet, Time Stops in D.O. Alella

Last year, this very day! 🙂

Catalan wine in a nutshell!

130/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Alella – Tiana – Bodegas Parxet – Titiana Pinot Noir Rosé 2012

Time Stops……

What I miss, at times, is the possibility to multiply into two or three, so that I could cover more ground and be at several places at the same time! I wonder why they (Egyptians and Babylonians) decided we should have only 24 hours in a day? Does not work for me! So, probably have to do something about it. Sleep less? Spend fewer minutes in the bathroom? Stop writing the blog? Nope, not an option! I have way to much fun doing just that! Some people don’t believe time truly exists. They maintain that at the most fundamental realm of human reality, the universal concept becomes defunct. Now; it’s all very well to have a theory and everything, but as the ten or so wines have to be tasted and that takes some time, I say…. those…

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Celler Escoda-Sanahuja, We Can’t Stop in D.O. Conca de Barbera

Have a great Thursday! Cheers!!!

Catalan wine in a nutshell!

120/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Conca de Barbera – Llovera – Bodega Escoda Sanahuja – La Llopetera

We Can’t Stop…..

…., and we won’t stop! Hands in the air like we don’t care, but sharing is caring and the opportunity to enjoy another Escoda Sanahuja wine is not going to be forsaken. Unique wine trails are abundant, they ignite a passion and longing for more, and even though they have been visited before, weather in person or in mind, palate and other senses are stirred, opened and delighted. I keep longing for more, and more is coming!


Come here, with or without me, and your intellectual curiosities will be piqued by distinctive locales that are full of history, natural beauty and old world traditions. The goal is to stir the passion in your palate, to facilitate and deepen your experience of Catalonia through the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations that come when moments are…

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Vins del Tros, La La La in D.O. Terra Alta

A visit to Terra Alta is never wrong! Have fine wine day!

Catalan wine in a nutshell!

78/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Terra Alta – Vilalba dels Arcs – Vins del Tros – Cent x Cent 2011

Singing La La La………

…., cause today I got proof, as if I didn’t already know, that I am a bona fide wine geek! Doesn’t take that much really, try heck of a lot of wine, diversify and make sure you cover loads and (100) loads of different grape varieties. The seal is in and I’m sharing, with you, parts of the letter that came with the “diploma”! There are still so many places to visit so why would I ever want to go to Pughkeepsie?

Distinguished Member - The Wine Century Club Distinguished Member – The Wine Century Club

And with this…., “I promise to honor the ways of Bacchus, god of wine, agriculture and madness, but to go easy on the madness so as not to end up shouting at the walls in a cheap motel…

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Roura, What’s going on in D.O. Alella

Catalan wine in a nutshell!

107/365 – Catalonia – D.O. Alella – Alella – Bodegas Roura – Roura Sauvignon Blanc 2009

What’s going on……

…. we’ve got to find a way to bring some loving to Alella! This is a region which used to be renowned around the world for high quality wines and I for one know that to be the case nowadays as well. I am discovering new wine cellars in this urban region, where some wineries have their vineyards amongst houses of the  small towns in the area. Certainly a very exciting place to visit and the closeness to Barcelona makes it ideal for half a day trip. Welcome to Alella, with a view to a kill.

Alella in the lower left corner Alella in the lower left corner

The Roura winery, founded in the early 80 in the hamlet of Vall de Rials, is a small, modern winery with quite a good reputation for their wines. They are not big or…

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